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    Yosh Name:Hei zhou xin Age: 25 cosplay:2008 till Now live:petaling jaya Yo Darkhei but you can call me Hei....up to you all. i start cosplay in 2008 but stop 2 years come back at 2010. so far i have cosplay: ichigo,nura rikuo,anakin skywalker,jedi,sith,kylo ren and my OC Darkhei still have much to learn about cosplay and perform. i do love anime,DC,marvel and Dark horse. if you get to know me i m a funny weird guy XD. i m also a lightsaber performer we call our self FAST
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    Just Rosossisia
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    Hi! welcome to my profile where you can see some of my cosplays! im a cosplayer from the philipines and im a big fan of anime and league of legends and other great things <3 i hope you guys like my cosplays!
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    Hello ... Thanks ...
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