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    Newbie canadian cosplayer who loves making cosplays~ I fangirl too much and don't sew enough! Find me on basically any account possible XD ❥Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Mei.Li.Cosplay ❥Cure http://en.curecos.com/profile/?ch=371666 ❥Twitter http://twitter.com/meilicosplay ❥Instagram instagram.com/meilicosplay/ ❥Deviantart http://meilicosplay.deviantart.com/ ❥Tumblr meilicosplay.tumblr.com/ ❥Email meilicosplay33@gmail.com
  • Taiwan
    是個正在磨練中的繪手,兼很少發文的文手以及超超超超超級菜鳥的coser,同時也是偶爾會在RC唱歌的singer,不過唱歌的話不太常(沒人聽ry)。 目前高二,不常cos,等畢業後才會有較多的精力及時間投入於cos這塊,在畢業前大概只會在校慶等場合cos。 目前是小小馬內。
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    はじめまして! ヨッシーです^ω^ 日本の東京付近で活動してます。 いつもはコスプレアーカイブというサイトで活動してるのでよかったらこちらも♪ http://sp.cosp.jp/prof.aspx?c=1&id=279805 写真や自己紹介文は後ほど更新致しますー!
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    I've been loving anime and manga for as long as I can remember~ <3 Learning how to speak and read Japanese right now~ and making great progres~ I'm a big fan of REIKA & Kaname~ yoroshiku~ I'm crazy about Shingeki no Kyojin right now~~~ Twitter: @Pureblood_Otaku
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    Hi, I'm a Philippine cosplayer, Onigirii \ ≧∇≦ /. I love Cosplay, Anime and Games I hope to meet more people and learn more from their comments and suggestions. (◕ヮ◕)
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    Hi there!! I'm Mah, a Brazilian cosplayer. I enjoy cosplaying with my friends and I want to improve my cosplays even more. Started cosplaying in 2011. I want to cosplay more often and make more friends =) よろしく! ^-^ *Cosplays I've made* Nuriko - Fushigi Yuugi Aoyagi Ritsuka - Loveless Prussia(Gilbert Beilschmidt) - Axis Power Hetalia Akiyama Mio - K-On!(Don't Say Lazy version) Kagamine Len - Vocaloid Orihara Izaya - Durarara! My Deviantart: http://mahlenneth.deviantart.com/
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    Facebook --> https://www.facebook.com/alessandra.cinquatti Cosplayer's Cure --> http://en.curecos.com/lite/profile/?ch=371638 Twitter --> https://twitter.com/KuchikiOsaki FOLLOW ME GUYS \(^-^)/
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    我是年糕,相當熱愛動漫,對於cos還有些不純熟,外拍的機會有點少>< 希望今年可以多多拍一些XD COS大多是男性角色喔~ 噗浪:http://www.plurk.com/aa24247tw
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