Laurelin (Laurelin)
  • Canada
    Hi everyone, welcome to my cosplay profile. I love to cosplay The Monkey King from Journey to the West. It is one of my favorite character of all. I have cosplayed 3 different version of The Monkey and I am looking forward to make the 4th Monkey King costume to cosplay in 2018. This is my cosplay page on Facebook. Hope you like my page. ^_^
  • Italy
    Hi, I'm Sara an italian cosplayer and crossplayer, I'm mostly into mobage and jrpg 💗 Facebook: Instagram:
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  • United States
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
    I´m a german cosplay newbie. I can not sew, that´s why my younger sister sews the costumes i wear. So if there are compliments for the costumes, i will tell her ;) I am a big Tales of Fan, i love The legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy X and X-2. oh and i also like a lot of Animes and Mangas, but that would be too much to tell ;)
  • Italy
    ♡ {Milady} Spirit Ella ♡ 幽霊 • エラ様 ♡ Hello-Hi! You can call me Ella for short, if you want to ^^ I've been cosplaying since 2015 Next cos: - Ranka Lee, Minmay Lynn & Mylene Jenius @ Romics 💖 Facebook: 💖 Instagram:
  • Taiwan
    I am a super fan of cosplay. Professional cosplay costumes is offered from . If you have any question, please feel free to contact me via , I will reply to you in 24 hours. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Deviantart: Pinterest:
  • Koi
    It // Esp // Eng // 한국어 // 日本語 안녕하세요? 저는 Koi예요. 제 계장를 지우게 해서 지금은 새로운 계정이 있어요! 대학교와 아르바이트때문에 바빠지만 메시지를 자주 읽고 대답해요. 만나서 반갑습니다. 한국말을 공부하고 있으니까 복습하려고 한국어로 메시지를 보내면 좋겠어요 ^^ Hey, sono Koi. Visto che per vari problemi ho dovuto chiudere il mio precedente profilo, molte foto conservano ancora la vecchia firma. Nonostante sia impegnata e carichi poco, vedrò di rispondere a tutti i messaggi/commenti :) Grazie ~ ♥
  • Italy
    Hi, I am ballroom dancer and a fan of some Cosplayers. I am here to follow people but I haven't ever cosplayed any character! Sorry!
  • RK
    Japanese Only! I do not understand English 血界戦線とかテイルズとかP4! コスブログ: アーカイブ:
  • Japan
    日本とオーストリアのハーフで~す I'm a Japanese/Austrian cosplayer~ テイルズシリーズとゴッドイーターが大好きです!!!\(^o^ )/ I love the Tales-Series and God Eater!!! ^w^ コスチュームは全て手作り!O^O All my costumes are selfmade! >w< Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
  • Rei
    Viet Nam
    Hi, call me Rei. I love anime, manga, can sewing costume, make props and know a little English, Janpanese. #Page: #Facebook: #Instagram: #Twitter: Please support me <3.
  • United Kingdom
    Hello everyone! :3 I'm Kiku, an Italian but know English cosplayer from UK. I'm still 17 years old and I cosplay since February 2015, so I'm still a beginner, but I'm starting to improve all my skills as cosplayer and photographer.
  • China