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    I'm Yuu Cosplay. I'm a italian Cosplayer since 2010. I Love all the Japanese Coulture and i like so so muche the Fashion of Harajuku and Shibuya. I visited Tokyo in september of 2014, and i think i'm going to study japanese in Tokyo when i finish High School.
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    我是B夢!! 這裡是非常慢速更新XD
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    facebook: 天空部落格: 平日使用噗浪: 缺推坑同好,歡迎加入喔!!!
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    HI! I am an OTAKU! <3 <3 <3 Manga, anime, light novel are my love <3
  • Hong Kong
    Nice to meet you<3 Addicted in ACG & K-POP ASK: (Please feel free to give me comments or questions on ASK) Plurk: 半次元: 搭訕無限歡迎wwww [About me] #ACG/ Attack On Titan/ B.A.P/ BEG/ Boyfriend/ Cosplay/ Code Lyoko/ Code Geass/ Disney/ Gintama/ Glee/ Harry Potter/ Infinite/ Jeremy Scott/ K-POP/ KOEI/ Lovelive!/ Musou/ Narnia/ Resident Evil/ Rozen Maiden/ Shinhwa/ Sims/ Skandar Keynes/ VOCALOID /X-men/ Zone-00/ etc.
  • Portugal
    Hii! I'm a portuguese cosplayer/crossplayer since 2013. I love everything about cosplay: being able to do our own clothes and craftings, behaving like our favorite characters and immortalizing this moments with amazing photos, these are things that i always dreamed to do and thanks to my friends i can finally perform my dream ^^ I'm still a newbie in cosplay but i love what i do and i'm foward to learn more about this art so that i can grow better and better. I hope you like my work.
  • Viet Nam
    Hi, I'm Kel. I'm an Vietnamese cosplayer. I'm 17. I started cosplaying at Fuji Matsuri 27/4/2014. I love M-A and cosplay!!! It's nice to meet you! Have a good day! ^^ My facebook:
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    Hai ~ my name is Ryo :3 ~~~ This is my: _Facebook: _Twitter: _Ask fm: _ Youtube playlist: Hope to make friend with all of you <3 ~~~
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    한국인 코스어 반갸입니다! 韓国人 コスプレイヤー バンギャです! [SuG ν[NEU] カメレオ · · · ]
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