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    米娜桑好 這裡是香港的COSER ,台灣人 暫時只有出LL 希和花陽 已在籌備ONE PIECE 跟 失憶幽靈 將來還會有六花的勇者(>w<) HELLO HERE IS HK COSER ,A TAIWANESE Love LL cosplay preparing for ONE PIECE PERONA & YUUKO SANG looking forward for the BRAVES OF THE SIX FLOWERS COSPLAY 大好~~!
  • Taiwan
    嗨我是藤澤桃 台灣的coser 希望大家能喜歡我的cos,我也會繼續進步的,請多指教~ はじめまして 桃です。台湾のcoserでございます。 日本語は勉強をしています。よろしくおねがいします。 plurk: FB:
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  • Philippines
    hi hi meow =^~^= . Im Allyson dy but u can just call me yuki,rose or Neko xD I'm from the philipines :3 And I'm still a newbie cosplayer First cosplayed on Oct 1 2015 at cosmania Feel free to look around x3 and sorry I'm still not good but I'll try my best to improve
  • Indonesia
    Cosplayer from Indonesia FB: Twitter: IG:
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  • China
    隐元社是位于中国杭州的剑网3主题社团 (ฅ>ω<*ฅ)希望多多关注我们,隐元社的成员会努力给大家带来更多的片子的! 杭州隐元社的微博_微博
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  • France
    Hello ! I'm Inuzumi ! I am a French cosplayer since not so long ago ! I hope you will like my photos even though I am not a pro..! Thanks for following/liking ! Don't hesitate sending me a message if you have advices to give me, I'll gladly accept them so I can improve myself ! --- Facebook : Instagram :
  • Turkey
    TsukikageRin ♡月影 凛♡ℛin♡ DE/TR/EN Hi! i gave myself the name Rin. All pronouns are fine for me. I am Pansexual/fujoshi/fudanshi 🌈 I started cosplayin in July 2016.. (yeah im pretty new here). My Shop-kokoro and tokoblue 10% discount code: lalgenc İnstagram:
  • Paraguay
    Hola soy Bell, una cosplayer de Paraguay ^^ Estoy como hace 4 años en este hermoso pasatiempo que es el cosplay y desde esa vez amo el cosplay,crossplay, Makeup y todo lo relacionado ^^ Creo que el cosplay es un pasatiempo divertido,sano y que te lleva a conocer gente maravillosa que comparte tus mismos gustos ^^... espero que mi trabajo sea de su agrado ^^ Mi Pagina en facebook Mi twitter