reika2011 (REIKA)
  • Venezuela
    Hi I'm Raiza Rincones, but some friends tell me Riona Rose. I'm cosplayer and cosmaker for some years, I do it as a hobby for fun and release stress from university (I am currently engineering Electricity), currently working as a volunteer at the ONG by Rotaract Nueva Segovia in my city. My Facebook My Intagram
  • United Kingdom
  • Taiwan
    FACEBOOK (๑´ㅂ`๑)
  • Taiwan
    丹羽梓(Niwa azusa) From Taiwan taipei.nice to meet you : ) You also can find me in here↓↓ └Facebook fan page 粉絲專頁 └Personal Website 個人網站 └Plurk 噗浪
  • Belarus
  • WY
  • Mexico
  • Taiwan
  • Viet Nam
    Hi~ I'm Naoki Hyuka~ ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ I'm from VietNam ~ My birthday 14/1/2001 ~ Please notice me ( ´∀`)ノ~ ♡ My FB :
  • Philippines
    Proud Asian here! A total amateur coser, a certified pwrpff grl and lover of all things kawaii❤️ I love anime, manga, cosplay, yanderes, lolita fashion and yaoi😌 Yoroshikune😙
  • Ukraine
  • Malaysia
    Hello~~ I'm Eliza from Malaysia!! Its awesome to get to know and be friends with cosplayers from around the world :) xD
  • AJ
    United States
    Hi! I'm AJ! I'm from California, USA and I've been cosplaying since 2002. website: instagram: