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  • Indonesia
    進藤流 Graphic Design. Japanese Interpreter. Photography. Makeup Artist for visual kei, oshare and anime cosplays. 声優。ダークチョコ85%。ハードボイルド。ヴィジュアル系・おしゃれメイク。 フォローしていただいた皆様、感謝いたします。 Cure No. 378775
  • United States
    I really love cosplay, but I don't have chances to play it now, but I will play cosplay someday soon. I want to make friends all over the world. I'm a huge fan of all cosplayers, and I really love Kaneki Ken
  • Philippines
  • South Korea
    Hello! My name is maru, welcome to my page♥ Hope you enjoy my cosplay *^-^* * Cure -
  • Singapore
    オタク|アニメ|漫画|コスプレ|声優|乙女ゲーム|乙女ドラマCD|アニソング 英語|マレー語|インドネシア語|日本語 よろしくお願いします! --- Otaku, Anime, Manga, Cosplay, Seiyuu, Otome Game, Otome Drama CDs, Anisong English, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese Twitter: Instagram: ※ Please do not use my photos without permission.
  • China
  • Malaysia
  • Japan
  • Japan
  • Viet Nam
    We are a Group gathering as purpose to be helpful for Cosplay 's Activities , Our motive with non profit from supporting Cosplay with our main helping in Shooting Photo or joint in Cosplay Festival with the sharing with the Community with the photo about Cosplay, To help People to acknowledge about what is Cosplay. Our Page On Facebook : warmly Welcome everybody to come by and help us growing up .
  • United Kingdom
    weibo: 高尾和也 twitter: aekito2333 Please call me Kazuya :) Please talk to me. English is OK. Manderin is OK. 日本語はちょっと下手です。 Thank You.
  • Taiwan
    全職坑一跌不起,葉藍一生推♥ 瓶邪♥黑花♥青黃♥利艾♥骸綱♥冰漾♥ 小曲♥河圖♥K叔♥HITA♥檀燒♥海妖♥ 噗浪私戳→
  • 19
    嗨這邊是一九(19.) 交流搭訕歡迎(´∀`)ノ 各方面歡迎指導。 \ Plurk: Weebly: ASK:
  • Viet Nam
    Neko biased. Neko based. Neko rules.
  • Taiwan
    喵呼呼~ 大家好唷~!我叫狼貓~ 請多指教
  • Brazil