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    你好!我是 Hiki☆ (・ω・)/。:゜☆。 最喜歡多多良 ♥ 大家一起友好地遊玩吧 ヾ(*ˊ∀ˋ)ノ♪♪♪
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    来自天朝的coser不忘初心的playヾ(*′▽`*)ノ彡 こんにちは,わたしは桜,あなたに出会って、うれしいです٩(๑>ω<๑)۶ my name is Cherry,nice to meet you (๑>ڡ<)☆ ★weibo★ 请多来找我玩٩(//̀Д/́/)۶
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    I've always loved seeing people's cosplays but have only recently gained the confidence to do it, myself, after dropping 60lbs. I am at amateur level but it's fun!! ^.^
  • Indonesia
    Hello! I am Yukino from Indonesia ^^ nice to meet you! let's be friends ^ w ^)9 Let's support each other's cosplay! ヾ(。・ω・)シ i might not upload a lot since i rarely do photosession, but i will do more soon! ^^ -- 『INSTAGRAM』 @mxyuki_ 『FACEBOOK』
  • Thailand
    Hi! My name's Thou (TAO) or can call me 'Susano' I'm cosplayer from Thailand Nice to meet you ! ภาษาไทย/English/日本語 < OK ! -- 【FB】 【Email】 【IG】:su_sano