South Korea
  • Philippines
    Welcome to the Nerd Lab! The name's Danii, a 18 year old noob cosplayer and BA Comm-MeC major from the Philippines who easily gets awkward in social situations and has been mastering the art of hair-bending since 1998. I may or may not secretly be Sasha Braus...
  • Philippines
    I'm just a simple girl.That's all
  • Argentina
    Hi there ...!!! My name is Len_Rex cosplayer of Buenos Aires, I have made several cosplay dunrante the years 2008-2012 and 2014 until this year. a minimum of 11 cosplay. I will publish soon. both here and in my social networks. my instagram: my facebook:
  • Viet Nam
  • Bee
    hey, i'm bee! i'm not a cosplayer but i love cosplayers.
  • Norway
    Norwegian cosplay hobbyist and kawaii enthusiast <3
  • Red
    Hiya, call me Red. This is actually my new account. I been doing cosplay for over two years now and I have enjoyed it cuz I get to make friends with people all over the world. I hope to get to know a tons of friends with same interest and have fun!!! I am serious hardcore Fangirl XDD. Games, Disney, Manga are my daily loves. Please support me and let's have fun together. This is my facebook page, I am more active there. XDD
  • Taiwan
    台湾人です/小学から日本語を勉強します/学生ですwアニメと漫画全般大好き♡偶にコスプレやります!! Twitter:@aoiaoi1010 FACEBOOK fanpage:
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  • Philippines
    hi! i'm Hennessee but you can call me henny. i'm a proud otaku
  • Brazil
    Sou um cosplayer não binario e brasileiro > ///< Tenho 13 anos Já faço cosplays,porém so irei começar a colocar fotos aqui no meio do ano I am a non binary cosplay and Brazilian >///< I am 13 years old Cosplays already do, but so will start putting pictures here in the middle of the year (Sorry about my english) ;-;
  • Myanmar
    Hi Mina! I'm cosplayer from Myanmar. Yoroshiku onegaishimesu and thanks a lot for visiting my page :) it's so great to see many epic cosplayers around the world... Can check me on Facebook as well :)
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    hi, i am aneki .i am cosplayer come from vietnam :)) nice to meet you