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    NAME:淼儿/judy 中国CHINA-深圳- CURE NO. 110652 BLOG : weibo: msn : love : ZONE-00,Macross-f,death note,sound horizon
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    御轮丸/yulunwan China [ ] [blog ] [weibo ] Nice to meet you!!
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    Hi! I'm Jeffrey :) FB PAGE:
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    wow~ ⊙o⊙ ! hey!I am back now! JOJO!Zone-00! Let`s be friends!Σ(⊙▽⊙" my little shop: my ins id:haishengwen For my all cosplay work:
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    hi,i'm from CHINA. 我是个反应慢的家伙啦!英语不好只会一句I'm from CHINA啊! ↓↓↓那我就用比较简洁的方式自我介绍了(′・ω・`) NAME:YoriYuuki AGE:15 喜欢吃的东西是猪肉脯啦,猪肉脯,zhu rou fu _(:з」∠)_请多关照…
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    志乃里(shinori)です(*´∀`*) 最近コスプレを始めたばかりです! 東方projectを中心に、自分なりに完成度の高いコスプレをしたいと 日々研究中です! My name is Shinori I just recently started to cosplay! Project focusing on the East, and I want to cosplay a high degree of perfection in my own way Research is in every day!
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    Hellooo ~ I'm Lucifero's Doll of the BiscottoPeople, a Group of Italian girl with a passion for Cosplay. | I go crazy for the historical Japan, for everything about the Samurai and the Sengoku period ~<3 | Fb --> DA --> Flickr -->
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    Hi~我是凜月Rinka,也可以叫我萍萍or晴 ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ 請多指教!(///▽///) 今年坑:彈破/歌殿/Free/境彼/仙劍/LL/布角 搭訕歡迎 x 交流歡迎 x 認親歡迎 Hi,I'm Rinka.I come from Taiwan,nice to meet you. FB Plurk