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    Hello, I'm a cosplayer from China. My Chinese name is 别哥,or masa,and not very good at English,but we could communicate with Japanese A3!/松沼/剑三/阴阳师/网王/网舞/刀剑乱舞/刀音/刀舞/怪化猫
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    Hello everyone (`♡`) I am from Costa Rica, I love to do cosplay althought I'm starting. Hope that some day we could see each other at any event, because I really love going to events with my cosplay and having fun and a good time.
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    よろしく お願いします!
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    Hi! We're Sinta and Nip, russian cosplay band! :3 If you want to contact us or have a question please message us ~ Thanks for the favorite and the follow! :3 ☆☆ TWITTER ☆☆ Sinta - https://twitter.com/kawaii_sinta Nip - https://twitter.com/KnightTurnip ☆☆FACEBOOK☆☆ https://www.facebook.com/SintaNip ☆☆VK☆☆ Sinta - https://vk.com/id376852716 Nip - https://vk.com/vitornip
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    Not all those who wander are lost.
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    あっちこっちで「gk_reiko」で通っています。名前にアンダーバーを入れられませんでした(笑) やっとの思いでWorldCosplayアカウントを作りました。まったり新旧のコス写真をアップしていきたいです。時間の有無によってはしない可能性もあります。古いコスをご覧になっていただける方はこちらまで→http://gk-reiko.jugem.jp/ よろしくお願いします! Goes by the username "gk_reiko" on various platforms. Finally got down to setting up a World Cosplay account. Hoping to build up my profile with my old cosplays with time. For now, past cosplays can be accessed here → http://gk-reiko.jugem.jp/ Yoroshiku! Twitter → gk_reiko
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    Sky空 from MY CF2018