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    大家好~ 這邊是宏宏喔~這邊是FB的專頁 基本上東西是一樣的 不過更新會比較快啦~~
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    我是香港的coser いのり(Inori 請大家多多指教! My name is Inori ★ Cosplayer from HongKong ★ 千由いのりです☆彡 香港に住んでいるコスプレヤー 黒バス、Diabolik Lovers、ラブライブ!が大好き❤ コスプレ写真を不定期で更新します。 どうぞよろしくお願いします☆彡 facebook: twitter:
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    Hi ^-^ I'm Mari, nice to meet you. I'm a Cosplayer from Hamburg/Germany. I love cute pink plushies ^-^
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    YAM: CURE:262550 PLURK:
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    Hi, my name is Cris. Yes, without the "H". i spend most of my free time on tumblr, or laying down listening to music. I am currently bisexual, I like to think that i am one of the more unique people out there, for i am not really like anybody i know. I listen to mostly Punk Rock, Rap, and Dubstep. I like to keep my age a secret, because I find it humorous when people ask and i give them my response. If you have any questions, feel free to inbox me. My Instagram is @cris_brightside_
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    blog: twitter:@ma_yo_ring