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    哈囉 我是琰 PIURK ☜ FACEBOOK ☜
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    Hello there! Im just a small town girl that has too much time on her hands and a passion for cosplay! Im still pretty new to cosplay, as I've only been doing it for about one year, so I still have much to learn, however I'm eager to do so!
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    我不喜歡麻煩,請多多指教^q^ HIヽ•´з`•ノ♬ Plurk: FB:
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    Hello there~ This is Yun. I'm a Cosplayer from Brazil, hope you enjoy my page <3 You can also find my cosplays and previews here on: ★Facebook: ★Instagram:
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    コスプレ大好きっ子です! いいコスプレとは限りませんが、楽しんでるので良かったら見て行って下さい! I'm happy cosplayer☆ Hope you enjoy! Visiti my: Facebook Page: twitter: instagram: facebook:
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    Hi everyone nice to meet you!! I'm interested in cosplay. It looks exciting!!
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    2013夏のコス活動開始に向けて準備中。 かなりいい歳なのに、頭の中は残念。
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    大家好~我是泠羽www 歡迎來到我的WorldCosplay 請大家多多指教! 下面是其他網站的連結w ようこそ私のWorldCosplay~ わたしは相澤ゆきですwww よろしくお願いします! 以下は他のリンク PLURK: BLOG:
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    請多多指教// [FB] [Ask] [Plurk]
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    ▶台湾COSER ▶IDOL ▶想除草但是好懶 Plurk: FB:
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    HEY YO! (滑倒) 推特