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Fransuaza Stein (Fransuaza Stein)
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  • Taiwan
    日安~這裡是台灣的COSER小八(不是忠犬XDD) COS是一直以來的興趣,在一部部作品中學習到各種很棒新事物 HELLO~I'm a cosplayer from Taiwan.My name is hachi. Cosplay is a hobby all the time.I'm glad that learning all kinds of new things in every animation.
  • Japan
    Hi! I'm Japanese cosplayer. I love Japanimation,videogame & comics(≧∇≦) I want to make cosplayerfriends all over the world ! Especially, I like Italy,Germany,Taiwan♪ Thank you for your comments with my photos♡ I'm really glad! COSPLAYERS ARCHIVE ID Twitter @sera_starry
  • Austria
    Hey :3 My name is Tez and I´m an Austrian Cosplayer, I cosplay since 3 years now and I really do love it! All my Cosplays are made by myself and I´m proud about every single one and I hope you like them as much as I do C: Please also check out my Facebook Page if you like my pictures and hit the Like button!! :D
  • France
    Hi, I am KARA. I am a french illustrator/graphic novel author and art teacher. I am an amateur photographer and I like to shoot cosplays, because it's like to be in a movie with such real nice costumes (and models of course ! ^^). You can follow my works on my blog : Have a nice day !
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    ゆっくり気まぐれに活動中。 コスプレもするしカメラマンもします。 * * * * * * * Cure No.48268 Archive:109822 twitter: * * * * * * * Like * 進撃の巨人 北斗の拳 AKIRA 攻殻機動隊 BLAME! ジョジョの奇妙な冒険シリーズ etc…
  • Canada
    HI! this is my new World cosplay account because I actually forgot I had another one and the email I used for it was so long ago that I don't remember it and....yaaaaaaa XD so if you see two Shukakachi's this is the official one!! thank you! I hope you enjoy yourselves, chat and share! thank you all for your support~ :D Facebook: Instagram:
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    Alohaaa~ I'm BlackSnow(Chan). Cosplayer from cold Germany. Feel free to follow me ♥ Facebook:
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  • Mya
    HI! to everyone ! I'm Mya and I live in Rome, Italy. You can find me o Instagram Twitter DA Facebook
  • Malaysia email:
  • Russia
    Hello everyone! *o* I am Dorian, russian cosplayer and cosplay photographer (also a little bit make-up artist and artist) Hope you'll like my page <3 You can also find me here :