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    Hola, un gusto en conocerte
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    风鸣翼她是奇迹的歌姬! 風鳴 翼は奇跡の歌姬! Tsubasa kazanari is a miracle singer! 我爱翼小姐! 私は,翼さん愛してる! I love her! Symphogear什么的最棒了! Symphogear最高です! Symphogear it's the best!
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    Hay ~ German Geek who loves to Cosplay and taking Pictures! I hope you like my work~ Thank you for following me :) FB: INSTA:
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    Hello we are Arte Mictlan , Mexico cosplay photo studio
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    Heey, I'm Nana. Brazilian cosplayer since 2011 ❤ I like to play my violin and love to sing, here you can see some cosplays and I hope you enjoy ❤ Facebook page:
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    ⚜GQ|27|🇬🇧⚜ 🔰Nerdy cosplayer with chronic pain🔰 ❣Benriya, Survey Corps, X-Wing Pilot, Fleet Girl, Latent Criminal, Griffinclaw, Iwatobi & Hellsing❣ 🌀Next Con: LSCC, Feb '16🌀
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    hi, i'm kanari. i'm a cosplayer from germany with vietnamese roots (^-^) i love maids the most, so i'm trying to cosplay all the maid versions of my favourite characters!! i am more active on my Facebook account: Kanari Cosplay feel free to visit me ;D
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    Hi, I'm Ucika from Indonesia ^_^ Newbie cosplayer Welcome to my profil page ! Hope you like it ! n__n Please message me when you want to contact me or have a question I'll try my best to reply all of them. Follow me on Twitter: Instagram: Facebook Page: Devianart: And add me on facebook~ Lets be friends minna! ^___^