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    クルナともします 長谷部君と光忠くん沼ってます 燭へしラブ よろしくお願いします! Eng | 日本語 | ไทย Facebookページ :
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    INS:_tama_saku Twitter:TAMAKsaku ↑ New page!Hope you can follow <3 Nice to meet you. ////// 希望和大家成为朋友的说.(′・ω・`)  Hope to become friends with everyone.❤ みんなと友達になりたい。 以上。 If you link this blog, Please note its orginal linkage, Thanks❤ Pixiv: 围脖...: (weibo↑) NS:Dio Brando SW-1041-0357-1347
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    Hi, this is Fukashi, from Taiwan. Just a beginner. Started cosplay at Otc 2017, interested in making props. :) Hi 我是淵,2017開始跳坑的Cosplay新手, 喜歡製作道具。常常狀況外敬請見諒... Facebook:湯川淵(Fukashi)
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    My name is Chinya , cosplayer from Thailand Please message me when you want to contact me or have a question I'll try my best to reply all of them. Thank you for the favorite and the follow. よろしくおねがいします ***************************** FACEBOOK >>
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    I've cosplay since 2006 And now about 30 characters from games , anime & some movies
  • Italy
    Hi! my name is Laura, nice to meet you! Follow me on instagram on Facebook on twitter @Midori-san00
  • Poland
    Hi! We are Carrie and Yuki and we're from Poland, but we want to visit a lot of places in the world with our cosplays!~ We hope you'll like our work and follow us :3 That is our fanpage on Facebook where we're a bit more active than here ;) You can follow us on lnstagram too! :3
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    Hello from the other side! :D I'm new here
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    Hi! My name is Alyx Gonzalez from the Philippines ^3^ ♡♡ Cosplayer since 2015 :3 I really love cosplaying! Making new friends is so much fun ~ 💕☆ Thankyou so much in advance for all the love and support~ I'll try my best to improve my works♡ Fighting! ^^ Feel free to add me on facebook: Instagram for updates: @alyxxandra Talk to me on twitter: @alyxandraa
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    Callsign: Wolf Role: Point-Man Fanpage:
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    私は台湾のcosplayerです。 よろしくお願いします! Hi! I'm Taiwanese. Nice to meet you! Twitter: IG:
  • Chile
    Hola!! encantado de conocerte Soy cosplayer y propmaker hace un tiempo, me gusta mucho este hobbie , también conocer cosplayer de otros paises y seguirlos en las redes sociales para aprender mas de su cultura además. Espero disfrutes mi trabajo, asi como yo tambien disfruto del tuyo Gracias por visitarme!! Puedes seguir mi trabajo en facebook