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    Draw is my live. weibo: p站: Nice to meet you. I want to make friends with more people
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    PiaoPiao = 飄飄 * Facebook >
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    Hello, I cosplay since 2009. My mother language is Russian, because I was born in Ukraine, but after I turned 13 my family moved to Germany. I speak both languages fluently. My nickname means "small marzipan cake" because I love sweets and look like I do xD. All of my costumes are selfmade because I love sewing as well, but crafting props or covering shoes is my weak point, so if i wear some, they are propably bought. I really like sewing and wearing kimonos but i make them easy to wear.
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    Hello everyone! My name is Samantha. I'm a beginner cosplayer from Russia. I am the founder of the cosplay group "Lonime". ^^ My page in facebook: Thank you for the likes! ^3^
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    Hello guys,I am Soham Natsu from India and I have started cosplaying from 2016..yeah recently... Though my watching animes and being an otaku started from 2013... My cosplay career just started recently... and I wish tht with the support of u guys all together we can make our cosplays bigger better ans so on!
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