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    Hi! My nickname is T-Rex and I'm cosplayer from Poland Together with my friend we made a little cosplay group named Evil Kitchen Cosplay I'm making costumes from anime, cartoons, games or movies. With my cosplay group we're making CMV (Cosplay Music Video) I hope you will enjoy my work! ~~~~~~ Facebook: Youtube: Instagram:
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    Hello! My name is Krystal, but the internet knows me best as Sumikins. I'm 30-years-old and from the Northwest United States of America. My friend Rynn and I were Team USA in World Cosplay Summit 2010. For easy access to my Social Media accounts, and my website, please check out:
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    ❤ ✧ ♡ Hello everyone i'm Hermi ! Thank you so much for stopping by my page QuQ ♡ ✧ ❤
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    Hello minnsa-san! Happy to meet you all :) Do add me on my facebook acct:
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    Whazupp~ A amateur cosplayer who just love this art. I hope you like my cosplays~ ciao!
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    気ままにマイペースに活動しております。 そして、チキンです… ひっそり、こっそりと楽しんでます。 宜しくお願い致します。