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    Hi, hi, I'm Lisyan. ^_^ I live in St. Petersburg(Russia). You can watch me. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
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    >>進度 緩慢出角 >>遊戲坑為主 ●PLURK: ●Fans page:
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    キッチャン★ぴょん ~Hungarian cosplayer living in Spain ~Odorite ★Facebook: ★Twitter: ★DeviantArt: ★Youtube: ★Instagram:
  • Malaysia
    I am Fritz ... i am not a potato :3 I am fairly new in World Cosplay, but i have uploaded most of my work mostly on my Facebook Page, link down below. FB : Dev : Email :
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    大家好這裡是小靜 完整照片放在yam blog: Fanpage: 歡迎大家交流勾搭~~ hello everyone, this is shitsu thanks for seeing here. full photo will put on: FB fanpage: go check if you like my photo, thanks.
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    都内中心で活動している蒼井です。 コスは勿論写真を撮るのもだいすきです^^ はまっている作品は最近の写真を見ていただければわかるかと思います^^ ジャンルが合う方や気になった方はお気軽にお声かけ下さると嬉しいです。 愛用カメラはPENTAXのK-5Ⅱs。 PENTAX3代目ですが大好きです。 Archive:96227 Twitter:c_hina_a フォローやフレンド大歓迎です(´∀`*)
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    I am a Amateur Photographer from Hong Kong. Follow me if you like my photo =) Please visit my page for non-cosplay portrait: Facebook page : Twitter : Please message me if you want me to be your photographer 歡迎香港COSER找我做攝 =p 拍COS或私服都可以啊 坑表:
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    South Korea
    Nice to meet U :) ♥ * twitter: @lz_zlxxx
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    [한국어,English OK] Thanks for visit my page<3<3<3 I LOVE your ♥ and follow :) 한국 월코회원여러분 반갑습니다>///< 코스어 루비제이라고합니다. 멋진 사진 잘보고있어요! 트위터에서 가장 빠르게 소식을 보실 수 있습니다. 교류 환영해요:) ******** E-mail: Twitter: @ruby_J123 Ask: *********
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    Hi, my name is Marina, I am 19 years old I am Russian cosplayer I love photography Im from Russia, Kostroma. Follow me: VKONTAKTE - INSTAGRAM - FACEBOOK - ASK -
  • France
    Hi! I'm Lanivia and i'm model, cosplayer and blogger from France! ~Freckles, redhair and tsundere power~ You cand find me in : - facebook : - Instagram : @laniviae - mail : - blog (only french sorry) :
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    こんにちは。天使みゅ。です。 登録したばかりでまだよくわかりませんが、宜しくお願いします。 主にツイッターに居ます。(*´ω`*)ノ☆ Hi my name is Miyu Amatuka. /Japanese cosplayer ◆Twitter ◆facebook ◆Brog I'm not good at English. I am able to read English a little, but I feel it very difficult to write it. I would like to have cosplay-friends all over the world!
  • United States
    Hi everyone! I am Megan Coffey, I'm a 23 y/o cosplayer from South Florida, and I have been cosplaying since summer 2013! ☆Instagram: ☆Facebook: ☆deviantART:
  • Australia
    Hi, I'm Ed! I'm a 22 year old cosplayer from Sydney and I've been cosplaying for about 3 years now but I still have a lot to learn~ Though I try my best to improve on every costume ^___^ Best contacted on