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    Hello~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚ Seshiria desu~! Just a teenage otaku who likes drawing, anime and whatnot ^^. Only recently started cosplaying, enjoys making costumes and general sewing (◡‿◡✿) sorry for the overuse of emocons and nice to meet you~ (^ω^)〜
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    Hello! I'm Genko, Cosplayer From Japan. 一生厨二。所謂カメコレイヤー。 撮るのも撮られるのも好き。 生きてる限り、ずっと、感動していたい。 Cure: Blog: twitter:
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    I love the cosplayer! do you love me?
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    Hello world~~ I'm Akina from Malaysia. I like swimming and working-out (partly because I want to keep FIT!><) I need to exercise to be fit, and that's all because I EAT A LOT-_- Yep, I LOVE to eat, especially desserts and beef *yup yup* (¯﹃¯) Follow me on Tumblr:
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    Hi! I'm Sakura Katsumi. ♥ I'm a cosplayer from Myanmar. ♥ Nice to meet you all^^I hope you would like my cosplay ^_^ ♥ Thank you so much for supporting me! ♥ Yoroshikune =) Pls visit to my facebook page too. Facebook - Instagram - sakura_katsumi
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    KOnichiwa! I'm a Malaysian Cosplayer who's currently active cosplaying in the USA! Love anime, cosplay, RPG games, horror/action games! And also an animal lover too! My favourite parts of cosplay are making props and make up! Started cosplaying since 2009! First debut at comic fiesta 2009. Most active anime convention is at Anime expo, Los Angeles convention center, California. Facebook: Curecos:
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    Yoroshiku Minna! Watashiwa Hotaru desu ^^ Im Cosplayer From Indonesia \\(^_^)// Im Still A Ordinary Cosplayer But Im Gonna Try My Best To Be A Best Cosplayer ^_^) // Here Some Hug And Kiss From Indonesia ! {{}} :* Arigato! (^_^) // Fanpage: Twitter: Instagram:
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