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    My name is Eugene, or you can call me Eugi and I'm Vietnamese :3 I love cosplay~~ my favorite color is purple I am a Touranlover <3 Thank for you support For vns coser or anybody who know vns: "Tớ là Mẫu đơn mĩ nhơn đây" ar... Just kidding ;-) Anw, hope you like my works
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    我是Sakuraki櫻紀:) 來自香港的cosplayer 請多多指教 A cosplayer form Hong Kong Nice to meet you all;)
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    栞 ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ Plurk:pww19 Fanpage:
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    Hi ~~ v(^_^v)♪
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    Cosplayer born in Singapore but never cosplays in Singapore hahhaha Loves travelling ~ Hope you'll enjoy my cosplays thankyou!
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    안녕하세요 한국권 코스어 덕땅입니다;)