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    Hola, un gusto en conocerte
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    Sakuracon Staff. Absolutely Loves Curry Chicken Udon. Really dislikes Wasabi. 3D Graphics & Japanese Language Major. Only Cosplay I've ever done: Alex Row (Last Exile) Wizard (Angelic Layer)
  • Malaysia
    I am Akiko, I am from Malaysia (〃´∀`) I love anime and very passionate in bringing my beloved characters to life ! I feel extremely proud and satisfy when people recognize my cosplay! Facebook Page: Instagram : Patreon :
  • Japan
    Hi! I'm Yuina. Please call me Yuina or Yuinan :) Thank you for a lot of evaluation to me. I'm very glad <3 love: 刀剣乱舞、あんさんぶるスターズ、アイドリッシュセブン、ヘタリア、A3、Fate/Grand Order Twitter: @yuinan27 CosplayersArchive:
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    Hello my name is Dj Satoru just call me dj I'm a Cosplayer in Chicago, I'm Working on becoming a photographer for Cosplay events , I also a member a Otaku Nation in Chicago , I want to Travel to many cons I can and I really want to go to Anime expo , I am going to try my best and have fun with it . Twitter Dj Satoru Youtube Dj Satoru Nation Facebook Dj Satoru Nation Twitch Dj Satoru And Thank you for Following Me
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    Ehi ehi~ I'm Elisa; Cosplayer since 2013❤ Hope you like my cosplays, and have fun >w</✧ -Instagram: -Tumblr: -Deviantart: -Fb: -Twitter:
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    Japanese Photographer About Touhou and All works Fun Fiction Photo Original Fiction Photo lovin' photo tells us a story. [Twitter] @hitsujirushi [Tumblr] [BOOTH] [mail] If you have any request please feel free to contact. Many thanks.
  • Japan
    Welcome!! I am 45Bears(玄くま) as a cosplayphotographer shoot in JP!! I hope that you will get favorite phpto of my work!! And so Sorry everyone,that I can't speak ENGLISH so enough!! If U comment ,please write so easy!! ■Flickr> ■COSPLAYER ARCHIVE> ■Twitter まったりのんびりコスプレカメラマンやってます。英語は苦手でゴメンナサイ(苦笑)。まったりのんびり、ピーキーな写真を撮って楽しんでます。気に入っていただける写真があればとても光栄です。
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    Hello, I'm a French cosplayer and photographer Be patient for photos and cosplay <3
  • Virgin Islands
    The biggest fan of all kind of Sailor Moon cosplays and a KPop fan. My website: I've being collecting some stuff lately ;)
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    Mabuhay! I'm Hoshiin, a 22 year old cosplayer from the Philippines! Cosplaying since 2010 :) Pages: Facebook: IG: Twitter: