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  • Thailand
    My name is Koyuki , cosplayer from Thailand Please message me when you want to contact me or have a question I'll try my best to reply all of them. Thank you for the favorite and the follow. ***************************** FACEBOOK >> BCY :
  • Philippines
    Hello .. XD I'm Chun , from Philippines .. XD I just started cosplaying last june 2014 .. for more of my cosplays please visit : FB : Chun Wx FB page : Chun PH… World Cosplay : Chun Wx Deviantart : Chunwx42 Instagram : @chun.wx
  • Hong Kong
    My name is Nagi Dokuro( 凪 髑髏) nice too meet you. REBORN!|VOCALOID|半手作黨|中國語注意 Facebook:頹廢少女。凪.髑髏 半次元:nagi_dokuro T@nagi_kuromu_ wb@nagi96
  • Australia
    Hello! I'm yui (fish). I love almost all main characters of jump. Hope to meet friends with same hobbies.
  • Kpa
  • Taiwan
    我是米淇(・ω・) みきです(・ω・) I'am Miki(・ω・) ✿Instagram⇢ ✿Album⇢
  • United States
  • Yuu
  • China
    家教党,驱魔党,钢炼党,刀剑党,正太控,各种怀旧党~ thank you for liking my cos~ weibo:
  • Viet Nam
    > My cosname is || Cira ||. Myself also can be know as C.A.Bianca Draconis > On WCos, I'll upload both cosplay photo shooting's pics and conventions pics. > If I follow & rate you, that's mean I'm really admired your works, not that I need you to follow & rate me back. So, only F & R me if you truly like my works, not because you need to pay me back my F & R. >> Facebook: >> deviantART: caelestis-a-draconis
  • Malaysia
    Hello~ I'm Hatoryuu :) Eng/中文 OK! IG@ hatoryuu
  • China
    這裡是Cans/罐子w. This is Cans from China, now I'm studying in the U.S.! Language: 中文/English/日本語(少し) Tips: 六道骸/槙島圣護/鏡音レン/Thor(ソー) weibo: twitter: come talk with me :)
  • China
    I am working hard. 三次元难以交流的金星人。 二次元同好求勾搭。 sinaweibo: BLOG: Cure No. 309062
  • Thailand
    HI! I'm Onna (◕‿◕✿) I'm from Thailand. You can follow me >>> .•°•.★* Welcome Me *★ .•°•. Fanpage : Cure No. : 305426 •.★*... THANK YOU ...*★.•
  • Hong Kong
    I'am yan!COSER FROM HONG KONG mina nice to meet you! 有什麼不好的請多多見諒 ! love:Inu × Boku Secret Service kugan no Shana Hiiro no Kakera Toaru Kagaku no Railgun LOVEPLUS takana manaka