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  • Mexico
    Kon'nichiwa! Manga gensaku sha (げんさくしゃ) Ex fashion model, eventually pinup model Amateur photographer Japanese/Chinese literature teacher. Awww, I forgot !... my name is Eveline 🤭 I try to make cosplay since 2009 I infinitely appreciate your attention, following and 💖💖💖 私はあなたの注意と私のギャラリーへの感謝を無限に感謝し、私があなたから学ぶことを可能にします。 More about me: ☆ ☆
  • Brazil
    I'm a cosplayer photographer since 2011. Please visit my pages if you wanna know more of my job =) All my photos have Copyright and their respective owners, please respect. Please contact before publishing any picture from my galery. I work mostly with friends. I am a fan and motivator =) Facebook: Flickr: Cosplay-it: DA:
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  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
    益若ゆかり Yukari Masuwaka ゆかりです( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 香港在住のコスプレイヤー。 エロ系♥︎男性向け。 ゾンゼロ/グラブル/艦これ/リゼロ が好き♥︎ どうぞよろしくお願いします Here is Yukari, cosplayer from HK. I would like to share my movement and timeline with heart. I am glad to be friend with everyone. Kindly follow me and let's fall in the comic world. 之前和小直共用這邊,現在主要由若紫管理。 Currently, Naoshi is having a rest. 。fb: 。Twitter/Instagram: @wk_yukari 。Mail / お仕事の依頼:
  • South Korea
    한국에서 코스프레&소품제작을 하는 쿠로냥 입니다(영어로 kuronaang으로 써요) Called Kuronaang that cosplay in South Korea (한국에서 코스프레를 하는 쿠로냥이라고 합니다) props is made me ^^ (소품도 제가 만들어요) Do not speak English well (영어는 잘 못합니다) Japanese Hiragana and Katakana are possible (일본어는 히라가나와 가타카나가 가능합니다)
  • Brazil
  • Taiwan
    Hello.I'm Vina. I'm a cosplay photographer also a cosplayer from Taiwan. Hope you will like my cosplay and photography. My favorite anime is zone-00/Trinity Blood/Angel Sanctuary/league of legends 你好,這邊是Vina 為台灣女攝兼coser 希望你會喜歡我的cos及攝影作品:) 最有愛的是零之地帶zone-00/聖魔之血/天使禁獵區/英雄聯盟 歡迎加fb交流勾搭約拍XDDD flickr(攝影作品):
  • Japan
    Im A, Pet Lover, Graphic Designer, Artist, Techie, Gamer, Music Lover, and Proud Otaku. in short im Geeky [FB] [Twitter]
  • South Korea
    안녕하세요! 한국 코스어 텐요입니다. 반갑습니당 :D Hello! Korea cosplayer TenYo ^o^ nice meet you!
  • Colombia
  • Germany
    Hi ^^ my name is mimi and im Cosplayer since 2004 ♥ My english is not good, but i hope sombody contact me :D follow me: Instagram: Deviantart: Facebook:
  • Finland
  • Taiwan
    HELLO ヽ(●´∀`●)ノ my name is Ying I'm Taiwanese cosplayer. MY FB(fan page)> MY IG(handmad photos)> MY TWITTER >
  • Japan
    日本のコスプレイヤーで、主に関東で活動してます。 綺麗な方が沢山いらしてハート押したいがため登録してしまいました! コスプレ、アニメ、漫画が好きな世界の方々と仲良くできたらと思っています(*^^*) ぜひぜひ仲良くしてやってください( ´ ▽ ` )ノ archive:140334 Twitter:@kuren826 I am not good at English; But , I'll do my best ! Please feel free to message if anything♡ I am Japanese cosplayre. Because a too beautiful person came, I have registered it to push ♡ I want to get along well with world people liking a costume play animated cartoon, comics(*^^*) Please get along well( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
  • Malaysia
    I'm MichiWish! A cosplayer from Malaysia :) Nice to meet you~ 嗨~ 这里是节操满满的東馬來西亞Cosplayer,道! 请多多指教~