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    よろしく お願いします!
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    Konnichiwa minna san! I'm MikoNeko , 16 year old from Malaysia And I' a Costume Maker Designer and Cosplayer I just going event at my Cournty is Pulau Pinang And i super² lover cat...xD... My no.1 Idol is Yuegene Gay Cosplayer No.1 is my idol from Malaysia is~~~ YingTze Thanks to my friends ,friends otaku and also My fans for Support me ... And sorry my english is Really so bad hahaha///Shy and Run xD 💞💞💞
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    Hi Everyone!!! I'm Denise Daryl A. Florante from the Philippines but you can call me DD . An engineer, cosplay photographer, professor, anime manga enthusiast and etc.... Also part of the Ninja Media PH^^ See link below for more Pictures ^^ Ninja Media PH Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/NinjaMediaPH Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/dEaNRiysLe "Photography is about capturing souls not smiles"
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    Hello! I am cosplay beginner from the Czech Republic. I hope you'll like my cosplays. 🌸Twitter: https://twitter.com/clearswife?lang=cs
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    初めまして!砂羅輝(SARAKI)と申します\(^-^)/ ゲームが好きで、サモンナイトやディスガイア、テイルズ、ポケモン、ファンタシースターシリーズ、ぷよぷよ等が主に好きです♪ あとはVOCALOIDが好きで、推しはMEIKOさん♡ 今年からコスプレをしようかなと計画中… それまでは皆さんの素晴らしい作品の数々を見て勉強させてもらおうと思います(/≧◇≦\) こんな私で良ければ、フォローしてくれると泣いて喜びます←
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    come from China 森右 //morinomigi
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    Sky空 from MY CF2018