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    Godspeed! ^_____^v
  • Viet Nam
    Hi! I'm Akari from Vietnam~ I love Anime/Manga and hope to make friend with everyone all over the world Nice to meet you Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Akari.SeiyoshiTF Twitter: https://twitter.com/Aka_michu23
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    hello this is Blue Smile's world cosplay WELLCOME TO MY WORLD COSPLAY Thanks to your follow <3 "FaceBook" fan page---https://www.facebook.com/b.s.cosplayer/
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    Hi I'm Ritsu from Singapore! Newbie cosplayer! Nice to meet you~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 大家好!我是 Ritsu, 来自新加坡~ English/华语 OK! Insta: Ritsuyakithebakatrash
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    Hi, I'm Souta Sasaki <3 I'm Vietnamese cosplayer ;; w ;; Thank you for visiting my picture!!!
  • United States
    Hello My name is Jess, and I'm an Illustrator who cosplays for fun. -DeviantArt http://mizueyes777.deviantart.com/ -facebook https://www.facebook.com/jessica.fesperman.3 -cosplay group page https://www.facebook.com/berrycosplay/
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    Hello ! ~ My name is Lauralee and I'm a French cosplayer ! ~ I'm just a beginner , I'm 18 and I love anime and Cosplay sooooooooo much ! ~ I hope you like my work ! ~ Enjoy ~ <3
  • Hong Kong
    你好www(・ิϖ・ิ)っ這邊雪雪 (*´˘`*)♡ 是一位cosplayer follow 我吧~~~~ Hello, I'm Yuki is Hong Kong Cosplayer follow me ~~~~ Instagnam:COSER_YANKI Facebook;YANKI LAM 微博:雪雪的棄療世界
  • France
    WorldCosplay page of NODOKA from France 【FaceBook】 : www.facebook.com/nodokacosplay 【Twitter】 : https://twitter.com/NodokaCosplay 【DeviantArt】: http://nodoka54.deviantart.com 【Cosplay.com】: www.cosplay.com/member/126666 French cosplayer since 2008 ~ Costume Maker & Prop maker I'm shy and not really self-confident, but paradoxically I'm so much impulsive... You can see all my costumes and progress on my Facebook page.
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