Yuna Gasai (Yuna Langley)
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  • Italy
    Herro. The most exciting/entertaining moments in my life happens when I'm cosplaying, that's all. Facebook Fan Page Deviantart
  • Spain
    Hello, I am a spanish Cosplayer/cosmaker If you want to see my process on cosplay you can check my facebook page: You can also check my DA account. Thanks so much!!
  • Venezuela
    Hi everyone! Welcome to mi WC page, people call me Aussy and i really love what i do, my favorite characters use to be magical girls, idols and powerful girls <3 kind of a weird combination but that's me hahaha. You can leave all the coments you want :3 that would be truly apreciated, thank you! ❀ CLAMP ❀ J♥J☮ ❀ Mahou☆Shojo ❀ Magi ❀ Hetalia ❀ Kill la Kill ❀ Love Live! ❀ My Deviantart:
  • Spain
    See more here~~ [[ ]]
  • Brazil
    Welcome to my worldcosplay! I hope you enjoy, thanks people! ★☆*:.。.(≧▽≦).。.:*☆★ Bem-vindos ao meu WorldCosplay! Espero que gostem, obrigado galera! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ★ Facebook:
  • Yui
    Hello! My name is Yui and I'm a cosplayer from Spain. ~ I'm 14 years old. I speak spanish and english. I hope you like my cosplays. ~ ♥Twitter ---> ♥Tumblr ---> ♥ ---> Thanks for visiting! Bye! <3
  • Spain
    Hi! My name is Eli. I from Canary Islands, Gran Canaria. :3
  • Brazil
  • Brazil
    Hello everyone! Welcome to our profile! I'm Iwakura and my partner is Tieko. Thanks for coming here! Deviantart: Facebook:
  • Spain
    ★ Follow me on Twitter ^0^/ --->
  • Spain
    Cosmaker/ Cosplayer/ Fashion Designer/ Stylist COSPLAYS IN PROCCES: - Satsuki from Kill la Kill - Zelda from Skyward Sword ----------------------------------------------------------- FB: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram:
  • Chile
    Hello, I'm a Chilean cosplayer, i have 21 years old~~, Tumblr page : Twitter: DA: http// Soundcloud:
  • Spain
    Hello everyone!! =>w<= I'm Misato-chan~~ I'm a Spanish cosplayer and I hope you like my work <3 <3 Here's my FB page:
  • Switzerland
    Hey there~ I'm Mitsuki, a cosplayer from Switzerland. I've started cosplaying in 2005, but I still have a lot to learn. Here is some of my contact info: homepage: facebook: deviantart: blogspot:
  • Mexico
    speak english, japanese a little bit .... like anime and cosplay