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  • Mexico
    Antesala del infierno Número de alma: XIII-IX-VIII ||Black mage||Nvl.28||México. ||Loco, amante||lobo solitario||disociado||indeciso. ||Cosplayer||Ficker|| Fashion&GraphicDesigner. *Esparciendo la maldad desde tiempos inmemoriales. 【Facebook】 【Instagram】 【Cosplay】 【Twitter】 【DeviantAR】
  • Hong Kong
    HI there, I am Haruka from Hong Kong!(❁´ω`❁)*✲゚* If you like my cosplay, dun be shy to share/like! Here is my Facebook page(粉專頁): -我是來自香港的小遙,喜歡遊戲類作品比較多,新番努力食用中!(❁´ω`❁)*✲゚* 白貓project/ League Of Legends/ Lovelive!/ PAD ★歡迎新朋友勾搭喔~
  • France
    Hi! My name is Stéphane, and I'm 23 Years Old. I'm french cosplayer(especially of Dragon Ball Z) If you want to see more video and picture, welcome to my page!=DD
  • France
    Bonjour, I’m Eva aka Bunnymoon, a French cosplayer since 2005. All my costumes are made by myself and I really enjoy performing on stage ^^ In 2009 I was lucky enough to be one of the French representatives at the World Cosplay Summit in Japan. FIND ME ON DeviantART : FaceBook Page :
  • Nad
    Hi everyone! I am French and would like to share with you my passion for cosplay with this page! Web site : Facebook >
  • France
    Hi ! o/ I'm Minako, or now May Cat, a cosplayer from France. Nice to meet you! ^^ I started cosplaying in 2000 and I still love it ! I make all my costumes myself. I love to meet fellow cosplayers from all over the world =) I love Dragon Quest and Sailor Moon. Thank you for taking a look at my work, I hope you'll enjoy my pictures ! My cosplay website: My Facebook page: My Instagram :
  • France
    Hi I am Kirae, a french cosplayer since 2002. In almost 10 years I made about100 costumes from anime, manga and VG. I also had the chance to take part in Eurocosplay final in London in 2011. I also will be the French finalist for ECG finals 2014 If you want to know more about me : Facebook : DevArt: Cure: Cosplay-it:
  • France
    Hi; I'm LucioleS, french cosplayer since 2007. Currently student near Paris. I hope you will like my work ♥ -> My Facebook Page:
  • Taiwan
    OK→Chinese、English、Japanese 台灣Cosplayer,最近正在鑽研各種攝影分鏡 Hello! I'm TW cosplayer "椎名要(Shiina Kaname)". こんにちわ。台湾のコスプレイヤ”椎名要(Shiina Kaname)”です。 交流、或者更多照片可到以下兩處 There will be more my cosplay photos. 交流。もっと写真はこちら↓ check here↓ 微博 FB專頁 Twitter@twkaname Ask:
  • Belgium
    Hiya visitor, Welcome to the Belgian cosplay page of MysteriousMaemi. Active in this passionate, interesting world since 2006 with handmade costumes. Thanks for liking my work. *^_^* Belgian EC finalist 2013 and 2016. Find me on: FB: DA, twitter, cosplay-it, animexx: MysteriousMaemi 58195 Cure: 297497
  • Spain
    Hello! Please follow in my new account -> I won't use this anymore! Thanks (•̀ᴗ•́)و
  • Italy
    Hi guys ^_^ My name is Gabriella but some cosplayer friends call me Mogu, if you like my costumes please take a look to my website .Kisses Facebook page:
  • Denmark
    Denmark representative at WCS 2015 • TIFF 2014 • WCS 2011 • ECG 2011. 【Facebook】 【Twitter】 【DeviantART】 【Instagram】 【YouTube】
  • Edo
    I'm a Canadian living in Tokyo after living in Nagoya, Japan and have been cosplaying for about 10 years. 長い間名古屋に住み、現在は東京に暮らしているカナダ人 です。10年間ぐらいコスプレをしています。 I've been helping organize the WCS since it started on 2003 and am continuing doctoral studies in Japanese Pop Culture, focusing on cosplay. コッサミのオーガナイザーであり、大学で日本のポップカルチャーについて研究しています。 (^^)/
  • Denmark
    For updates and photos go to: Cosplayer and entertainer, whom enjoy the creative and passionate journey in crafting costumes and making an attempt to bring beloved characters to life. I love cosplaying and for what it has given me.
  • France
    [French Photographer] You can find my work on facebook : (not only cosplay) Or check out my webmagazine : !!