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Cage/CubeCage (CAGE)
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  • Spain
    ツ Hi!! I'm Megan Murray! Nice to meet u! (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ≧◠◡◠≦✌ ツ Venezuelan and British girl who lives in Spain. ツ Unfortunatly I'm not a cosplayer bc I dont have enough money u.ú But I love cosplayers (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And I hope that someday I will a cosplayer too! I'm doing my best! uwu ツ Owari no Seraph, Tokyo Ghoul, Love Live!, Free!, Pandora Hearts, Mekaku City Actors.... ツ ツ
  • Sweden
    日本語・English・Svenska ____________________ Swedish Cosplayer since 2008. Currently growing cherry tomatoes. Master of cognitive dissonance. I'm bad at introductions so please just enjoy. (笑) ♡ ____________________ 御自由に Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
  • Germany
    hey, I'm Jack! Low-Budget-Cosplayer from Germany since 2013. feel free to message me. I don't bite ;)
  • Russia
    Hello everyone! I'm a beginner cosplayer from Saint-Petersburg. I want to cosplay many differennt characters of anime and games. Аnd soon, so soon you wiil see implementation of my plans.
  • France
    Hey ! My name is Léa (but please, call me Kyoki), I'm a french cosplayeur :) You can found me on : Facebook : Kyoki-Chan / Curecos : Kyoki / Pixidol : KyokiChan
  • Taiwan
    Hi I am (沿月) a coser I form Taiwan Nice to meet you!\\
  • Spain
    Hello! I'm Gehe, a cosplayer and artist from Spain. You might know me from Tumblr and Instagram.
  • United States
  • Austria
  • United States
  • Indonesia
       *'``・*。     |    `*。   ,。∩    * +  (´∀` ) *。+゜ `*。 ヽ、 つ *゜*   `・+。*・'⊃+゜   ☆  ∪~。*゜    `・+。*・ Im cis... 19 yo...Nice to meet u (≧∇≦)/
  • Germany
    Hi guys ^___^// I'm a cosplayer from Germany and practicising this hobby since 2011 :) I really love to sew and explore new techniques to improve my cosplays!! you can find me on:
  • France
    I'm Anzukami, a French cosplayer since 2006 Please, enjoy my cosplay page ! =) ★ 【Facebook】: 【Deviantart】: 【Tumblr】: 【Cure】:
  • Taiwan
    你好,我是伊若,來自台灣的coser。 目前等考上好高中/職後再去參加活動 還沒有照片請見諒
  • Romania
    Cosplay GEN is an independent magazine (free ADS) focused on the worldwide promoting of cosplayers and of various Japanese and Asian fashion trends. We idolize cosplayers from around the world and we cherish their amazing work by publishing extended interviews; reviews from various cosplay events; articles centered on cosplay photography, cosplay trends, cutting edge Japanese pop culture; handy tutorials… Website:
  • KMP
    Viet Nam
    FB: Flickr: DA: