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    This is my new accout My name is Judal | 19 years old | Come from Thailand | IG : jud4lcospl4yer | Thanks for visit | Nice to meet you Please fav, Thanks <3 My Page on Facebook : Cosplay :, Photographer : Instagram :
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    Hi! My name is Alyx Gonzalez from the Philippines ^3^ ♡♡ Cosplayer since 2015 :3 I really love cosplaying! Making new friends is so much fun ~ 💕☆ Thankyou so much in advance for all the love and support~ I'll try my best to improve my works♡ Fighting! ^^ Feel free to add me on facebook: Instagram for updates: @alyxxandra Talk to me on twitter: @alyxandraa
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    I am a female Bisexual Likes to cosplay Gravity falls trash Loves rock bands
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    Hi there! I'm Gadz. I'm a Photographer based in Philippines. I was a Cosplayer before then I left the community, instead I started to focus on my studies instead. And here I am again, back as Gadz Production. Welcome to my Profile! | Social Media Accounts Facebook ► Instagram ► ► Rebranded on 28th of December 2017
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    Sakuracon Staff. Absolutely Loves Curry Chicken Udon. Really dislikes Wasabi. 3D Graphics & Japanese Language Major. Only Cosplay I've ever done: Alex Row (Last Exile) Wizard (Angelic Layer)
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    Hi! I'm Sage PH from the Philippines! I started Cosplaying back in 2015, and I hope to keep improving. Let's all ge along! Here are some of my other social media accounts so we can keep in touch: FB Page: FB Profile: Instagram: sage_gt
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    Hi! I'm Nicki! I'm not a pro cosplayer but I hope to be one someday. I love cats and anime :3 ig & twitter: nicaela_anne