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타샤 (TASHA)
South Korea
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    Hi hi Beginner cosplayer hello hello ~
  • China
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  • China
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    I'm a nerd just like many others. A first time cosplayer and prop maker. My hobbies are cosplaying just for fun. Going to the movies. Watching anime. Reading comic books. And playing video games. I some times attend convention. I'm a huge Kpop lover. Love drinking bubble tea. Maybe one day I travel to Japan.
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  • UNa
    United States
    UNa Cosplayer from Korea in US ^^ <3 사랑해! <3
  • South Korea
    Hello! I am Train Fujiwara from cosplay group Coshalfnaked along with #hotbloodedmaknae Bdawg and #reluctantleader Grey San! I am the phantom 3rd member and usually responsible for the main protagonist =). Hope you enjoy the pictures! 안녕하세요, Coshalfnaked의 트레인 후지와라입니다. 저는 그룹의 펜텀 세번쩨 멤버이며 데부분 메인케릭터를 코스하고있습니다. 사진들 즐기고 가세요~ =)
  • Brazil
    Hello! How are you? I created this profile because cosplay is my favorite hobby and I wish I could share more of my work with people and with the world! >_< ♥ Thanks for follow me, hope you like my photos. ^3^ ~> my fanpage on Facebook: ~> ask me anything on: ~ ~> my tumblr:
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  • India
    Hey everybody. . . Ah well, I'm moving a little ahead in advance. I haven't started cosplaying yey, but plan on starting soon. So, well, let's hope I'm able to do it soon & have something to share over here sooner. ^_^
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    United States
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