United Kingdom
Lover of all things cosplay, worshipper of beautiful ladies legs ,fascinated by Alice in wonderland, brothers grimm and anything with a sinister side. Interested in urban decay ,run down neigbourhoods ,exploring places you're not supposed to. Rusty cars, flaking paint, dusty deserted corridors and dark haired girls in mary janes.
  • WorldCosplay No.522545
  • Género Not set
  • PaísUnited Kingdom
  • 小羽子
  • ayumi
  • 王大力
  • 殘殘
  • 卯月
  • 蝶月真綾
  • Yuzuki
  • 飯飯
  • 兔兔 ‧ Rei
  • 비구슬
  • AlpacONNIESM
  • アンさちゃん
  • Misato Noir
  • 蓮見れのん
  • 鈴音ゆう