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    Hello everyone I'm Ren Aeru a 20 yo girl from Colombia, hope you like my job as a cosplayer and crosplayer. <3
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    我是個紅 特別偏愛冷門角色 那 請多指教!ˊUˋ//
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    Hi~ I'm Yuki! I love Japan.♥ Of course I love cosplay and I try to make them as best I can!♥ My facebook page: My Cure: My Fashion Blog: My Twitter: My Tumblr: Well,this is my website,I hope you enjoy!And if you like,follow me!(。◕∇◕。)/
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    大家好~這邊是寶寶XD 大家多多指教~
  • China
    高中生ing。。 新手一只
  • Red
    Hi, I am RED! ^o^ A cosplayer from Myanmar. I am glad to see plenty of awesome cosplayers around the world in one place. These are my pages! feel free to contact me! Facebook- Trumblr- Instagram-
  • China
    我是来自CHINA的cosplayer:上官遥 曾用CN:渺遥_xi 银魂是我的生活 cosplay是我的爱人 也爱OP爱各种动漫 小透明混迹各种贴吧微博 Sina weibo:
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  • Germany
    hay I'm Miina from germany. I cosplay since may 2013 and my first cos was amu from shugo chara. I hope i find a lot of friends here. Nice to meet you :3 instagram: facebook: deviantart:
  • Philippines
    Greetings eveyone! I'm James Ryan from the Philippines, and I'm a photographer. My online name is jrjsiaron. I love animes and mangas with a passion! I hope I can share these with everyone through my photography :) Check out my other accounts