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    Hi! I'm Neko Valerie~ I am cosplayer from Philippines...I'm actually a beginner cosplayer. I really love Anime and I love animals specially Neko (Cat). By the way, following or follow me if you'd rather! And if you also want to add my Facebook account this link! ---> https://www.facebook.com/Rumikuchan ^_^
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    Hello everyone.My nick name is Sora Tsuki (or you can call me by Rilia)and I'm Vietnamese. I like reading manga, watching anime and cosplaying or taking photo. Nice to meet you and so good to make friend with you! ^^
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    English: I am GaleYHK, Cosplay Photographer and Illustrator (Hobbyist) let us be friends~!. ไทย, สวัดดีครับ ผมชื่อ GaleYHK เป็นนักถายรูปและเป็นIllustratorครับ~ 555 พิมพ์ไม่เก่งเลยเรา แง่ๆ 한국어: 안녕하세요~ GaleYHK(개일 YHK)입니다. 코스플레이 사진작가(까지는 아니고)와 일러스트를 하고 있습니다~! 잘 부탁~~~해요 ><
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