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  • Viet Nam
    Hi everyone,I'm Shinki Yukimura,a Vietnamese Cosplayer :) I love games,anime,manga so much X''3 Nice to meet you guys ;3 [Facebook]: https://www.facebook.com/ShinkiYukimura [Gmail]: shinkiyukimura@gmail.com [Instagram]: https://instagram.com/shinkiyukimura/ [Twitter] : https://twitter.com/Shinki_Yukimura
  • Hong Kong
    來自香港的COSPLAYER 蘿蔔 歡迎交流及交友。 A cosplayer from HK. Hope you enjoy Welcome to follow,like or make friends me. FB: https://www.facebook.com/moonmi.kwok
  • Philippines
    Hi! Im Maka, a loli cosplayer from philippines. ^_^ Im 7 year in cosplaying, since 2010. Nice to meet u all! :)
  • Colombia
    Hola!!!! Somos Kisuke y Simi, queremos mostrarles nuestro trabajo como cosplayers. Esperamos les guste!!!!! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kisukeysimi Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kisukeysimicosplayers/
  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Indonesia
  • Sky
    Hong Kong
    Please call me Sky I occasionally cosplay (Since December 2013) English+中文is ok Please do not repost without my permission
  • Viet Nam
    Hi Im cosplayer from Vietnam, a newbie, maybe hahaha Love M-A and cosplay...........SA + Yaoi too =)))) I love League of Legends and want to cosplay all of Ezreal' skins (except Ezreal pulsefire, I dont like that at all) >w< Love you~ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ghibaritetsuya
  • Viet Nam
    Hello... !!! I come from Vietnam <3 I create this account to follow my Idol, save my cosplay photos, cosplay memories with friends and just have fun~~~ <3 Hope to make friend with everyone ^^~
  • Japan
    Hi,thanks for the support(*-*)/ I'm coser from japan.And nice to meet ya all^^ _:3/_
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
    Hlw, I am a Bangladeshi cosplayer(but somehow I can't change the country in my world cosplay account) and I am a fujoshi (=´∀`) Follow me on insta @lilico0
  • Viet Nam
    Hello swetie ❤ Welcome to my Worldcoslay. I'm Ren, from Vietnam and you can find me on : Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ren.takahashi.9638 Hope you like me <3