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    PH Cosplayer Twitter: @KSaber_ Instagram: @k_saber_
  • Ukraine
    Hi! Nice to meet you here. We are team duet named FD Team. There are two parts in our mini-group - Fenyachan and Vergiil. Location state: Kiev, Ukraine. Languages: ukrainian, russian, english, french. You can also find us on other resources:
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    Hi I'm Akatsuki Yuu from Malaysia. Nice to meet you all. Yoroshiku!
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    Hi! I'm Harumi Choi! from Philippines this is probably my 2nd account my previous one i could not access it anymore :'( anyway, the last name "Choi" came for 707's Last name of Mystic Messenger. I do female and male cosplays, Yes I really do love Crossdressing :D anyway, Hope you guys Follow me :3 (Im still gonna use my old cosname: Yukii Phantomhive :') )
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  • Japan
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    Hello>w< 我是来自Malaysia的coser~~ 是个美少女战士和魔卡少女樱的热血控<3<3<3 请多多指教呗!! LoVE Sailor moon n sakura kinomoto <3 <3 <3
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    FB 》Sin win
  • Indonesia
    Cosplayer from Indonesia !! so much Love Takoyaki !! Bloodtype #A ~ follow me on Instagram : @tikamoecos_ contact me : ~ ~ follow me and i will follback you :3 .. nice to meet you guys xD !!
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