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  • Malaysia
    大家好 :) 我是来自马来西亚cosplay 最喜欢是final fantasy 系列和王国之心了 >w<~ 如果可以的话希望可以找到同好一起聊天,请多多指教 (ฅ>ω<*ฅ) 如果想认识更多我们的cos和道具过程可以在我们这里按page (〃ノωノ) ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
  • Argentina
    Hi! My Name is Morena of Themyscira Producciones, I Started Cosplaying in 2014, It is my favorite hobby, I am from Argentina... ;) ♥♥♥ We are Morena and Silvana of THEMYSCIRA PRODUCCIONES Instagram:@themysciraproducciones Facebook:
  • Russia
    Hi, I am Darina! My nickname is Naru-chan Hobbies: cosplay, craft, a little wig styling (but I'm just learning this) Here you can take care of my work. Thanks for the support, I am so glad that you are with me! <3 💮My instagram: 💮My facebook: 💮My twitter :
  • Romania
  • Portugal
    Hello there! Im Silvy, Im a portuguese cosplayer, prop and costume maker 😆 E-mail: Facebook: Instagram: Print store: Ko-fi:
  • France
    Helloow ! I'm a french cosplayer since 2015.
  • Germany
    My name is Annie ! I'm 26 years old and a Cosplayer since 2007 ♡ I want to make friends from all around the world ! Pls. write in : German, English or Chinese ~ Find me here :
  • EDZ
  • Canada
    Hey guys! My name is Natalia, and I'm a Polish-Canadian cosplayer, published model, and streamer on Twitch~ You can follow more of my adventures on here: Instagram: Twitch: Facebook: Twitter:
  • South Africa
    Hi! I am a cosplayer from South Africa! I am still quite new to the community, but I am here to learn and grow! :) You can follow my cosplay journey here:
  • Mexico
  • China
  • Russia
  • Italy
    Hi <3 I'm Misa and I'm a italian cosplayer with passion for anime, japanese and american comics etc. A lot of my cosplay are about Hetalia, my favourite is South Italy. I hope one day to improve with sewing and making so many cosplays >///< Bye <3 DEVIANTART: FACEBOOK:
  • Denmark