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    South Korea
    2011.10 ~ ING Korea Cosplayer 'JB','JAY-B' JOJO, ANSEMBLE STARS, CYPHERS. K-POP STAR SHINEE etc @EnterJB
  • Malaysia
    English, 中文, 日本語 OK! こゆき|アニメ|コスプレイ|マレーシア|水樹奈々マイ女神❤️|Dグレ|ヒロアカ|弾丸論破|RWBY|エヴァ|文スト|ペルソナ5|戦ブラ|よろしくお願いします♪ +Ample Cosplay+ +deviantArt+ +半次元+
  • Thailand
    hi everyone I'm M-ND63. yoroshiku ne..( ・▽ ・)ノ ★M-ND63★ 【Facebook】-- 【Twitter】-- 【Weibo】-- 【Tumblr】--
  • Mexico
  • Ukraine
  • Mexico
    I'm Alice from Tijuana, Mexico, cosplayer-crossplayer sens 2010 I'm 20 years old READ IMPORTANT: I will delete my photos and upload again I've discoverd people pretending to be me and I will put my water mark of "AGhostly photography" if you discover this people on any web-page please let me know on my FB!
  • Russia
    Hey! I'm cosplayer from Russia! Just you can find me on these sites:
  • Russia
  • Kuu
    Hi everyone! I'm Kuu cosplayer since 2009 and cosmaker since 2011 Feel free to talk to me ^^ I hope u enjoy the page ♥ (Devianart: (Instagram: kuutaiyou) (Tumblr: heichouhurricane)
  • Japan
    Born in Japan, raised in America, back in Japan for university. ^^ I want to meet new people and make new cosplay friends! 子供の時、アメリカに住みましたから、すこしだけ日本語を話します。でも、今日本語を勉強します。 マギ、進撃の巨人、カーニヴァル、PSYCHO-PASS、 黒子のバスケ、TIGER&BUNNY, ヘタリア、K、うたのプリンスさままじLOVE1000%、薄桜鬼、AMNESIA、黒執事が大好きです。
  • Thailand
    はじめまして>>I'm Akise<<どうぞよろしく。 I 'm 23 years old. I come from Pattaya , Thailand@cosplay Nice to meet you All~ \ >A< / E-mail :