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  • Taiwan
    こんにちわ~はるみです、コスプレが好きです 日本語を勉強しています、日本語が少しわかります、どうぞよろしくお願いします Hello,I am Harumi,from Taiwan. My Facebook code:100000141852534 (吳蘇奇) My plurk:http://www.plurk.com/cosplay520 (犬哥)
  • Mexico
    hello my name is Allena i'm a mexican cosplayer Visit my sites http://allena-chan.deviantart.com/
  • Taiwan
    **感謝所有關注的人**Thanks for all the people who follow me** 我是來自台灣的cosplayer(•ㅂ•)/♥♥♥A cosplayer from Taiwan 照片更新目前以這裡為主 瘋言瘋語以PULRK跟FB兩個都會有///艸///歡迎找我聊天 ๑PLURK: http://www.plurk.com/kueichi ๑FB:https://www.facebook.com/kueichicos
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    大家好​(ノ∀`*) 窩是 BYAKKO 白狐(*゚∀゚* ) 眼鏡是本體 ♡♡♡ 算是半個手做派COSER(ノ∀`*) 喜歡的作品各種年代物與各種冷門向(´・ω・`) PLURK http://www.plurk.com/LOVE_BL WEEBLY http://lovebl.weebly.com/ FB專頁 https://www.facebook.com/kei8410?notif_t=page_new_likes ASK http://ask.fm/LOVEBL FB https://www.facebook.com/byakko.neko
  • Thailand
    >< Hi!!! I'm Pin. Nice to meet you.♥
  • Taiwan
    我是來自台灣的cosplayer,請多多指教~ FB:https://www.facebook.com/ko.yu.5686
  • Singapore
    Hello! I'm Nanami From Singapore and i'm a budding cosplayer ~ ^_^ I keep my minute journal on my page too! Do support me minna ! I will give my best to produce work that you'll LOVE! ^_^ Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nanami-Evyn-Cos/153612054746647
  • Malaysia
    Hi hi, I am a cosplayer and photographer from Malaysia! Enjoys cosplay as a form of art and also to express my love on the series or the characters. Muackz to you all <3 My cosplay page: https://www.facebook.com/MichoTehInRainbow My photography page: https://www.facebook.com/MichoTehPhotography
  • Taiwan
    嗨 (ゝ∀・)ノ這裡是麥特/Matt   &其他據點樓下請,請愛用湯不熱哇 bbb  TUMBLR:http://aoki-matt.tumblr.com/ PLURK:bluebloommm CURE NO.280687
  • Taiwan
    我是惡薩德 酸,通常都叫我酸酸或阿酸~ 大部分出沒於台灣南部的場次 有甚麼意見歡迎留言交流喔 <3 Hi,I'm Ariel,cosplayer from Taiwan =)
  • Brazil
    I-is not like i want you to follow me or anything... *tsundere face* DeviantART : http://ryouism.deviantart.com/ Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/Ry0uism Cosplay-Tumblr: http://ryouism.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/ryouism
  • Taiwan
    ▪ blog: http://xxxshirayukixxx.blog.fc2.com/ ▪ facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chantal.chen.94 (フォローお気軽に^^)
  • Taiwan
    Plurk: http://www.plurk.com/Nekostory FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/Nekostory 更新緩慢(蠕動)
  • Hong Kong
    萬年隱居的極低產Coser 本體是個控血腥獵奇等事物的變態宅宅 請大家多多指教~ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ne.mio.33
  • Thailand
    Hi, I'm Kitz. Cosplayer From Thailand Thanks For Watch :3