Mashu - Fate Series

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    Hello everybody I am Max Arturo,, I am a Colombian Cosplayer, Biologist and a old school gamer, i hope my cosplay are good enough for your likeness. Here my FB page Hola soy Max Arturo, soy un cosplayer Colombiano y biologo, soy un gamer de vieja escuela y espero que mis cosplays sean lo suficientemente buenos para sus gustos. Acá mi página en facebook
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    I've cosplay since 2006 And now about 30 characters from games , anime & some movies
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    Hello everyone. I'm Mika cosplayer I'm come from in Vietnamese. Nice too meet you!I hope we can make friend ^~^ [Blog]:
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    大家好,我是Rainman,一名来自大连的Coser。在这里我很高兴与来自世界各地的Coser结识,我很喜欢把自己的COS照片发到这里与大家交流,如果有不足之处,请大家多多指教。 Hello,i am Rainman,a coser from dalian.I'm so glad to meet coser from all around world in there,i very like to send my own cos pictures to communicate with everyone,if i have any deficiencies,please teach me. And I have no facebook and twitter,sorry.If who want to talk with me,please talk with me on the worldcosplay. 另外很抱歉,我没有"脸书"和"推特"这样的社交账号,如果哪位coser想跟我在网上交流的话,就在worldcosplay上跟我讲话和写私信就行了。
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    I am amature costumeplay photographer from korea. if you like my photo, follow me! then I'll follow you web page ▼ blog : twitter :
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