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    I am Rosa. A Vietnamese cosplayer. Hope that you like what you see ;)
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    Hello everyone! I love cosplay and I hope you like my work!! Instagram: Thank you so much people who likes my work and comment it positive >u< If you want to message I'll be available for you! <3
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    Hello, nice to meet you! I am a brazilian cosplayer. I love games, manga/anime (especially the classics of CLAMP) and Nico Nico Douga. <3
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    こんにちは、サケルです! 今僕は日本語を勉強しています!だから日本語はあまり上手じゃありません。でも私は頑張ります! どうぞよろしくお願いいたします! I'm Sakeru. NIce to meet you! 大家好,我是Sakeru,大家也可以叫我佐。 請多多指教!
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    漿果,從台灣來 Hello, I'm Chiang Kuo, Taiwanese. ▶FB ▶Plurk ▶Instagram
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    fb: PLURK: Twitter:
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    I'm koneko-sama Koneko too poor for cosplay But Koneko has plans to cosplay in the future Yes,3rd person point of view intended.
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    Long time no see~I am a coser from China(´•ω•。”) I hope you will joy them,and my English isn't well,just a little.But I want to talk with you~~~(≧ω≦) 腻嚎哇!这里是一大只妮芙,来自中国(´•ω•。”) 希望大家不要介意我这么呆蠢(´•ω•。”) 主要玩真三国无双/fgo 同好来找我玩鸭 (´•ω•。”) 微博:
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