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  • Myanmar
    - juz a simple guy from Myanmar who love Cosplay~ - love to watch Anime, doing Cosplay & playing Games. - Can't do much cosplay cuz of work but always try to have fun Cosplaying when I'm free from work. Facebook - www.facebook.com/kroxixx Twitter - www.twitter.com/kroxixx Insta - www.instagram.com/kroxixx
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  • Mexico
    My web site http://www.asiastationjk.com/
  • Japan
    ふなっしーの着ぐるみでコミケやらに参加して、 東方・ラブライブ・艦これ等々何でもござれな人です アーカイブ:http://www.cosp.jp/prof.aspx?id=347453 twitter:https://twitter.com/funakoishi よろしくお願いします
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  • Myanmar
    Hi, I'm Nay Aung Latt! I cosplay for the first time at Singapore - Anime Festival Asia 2011 (as Keima from TWGOK) and had been cosplaying ever since. I own a video game shop and an anime/hobby shop + host a weekly video game show for local TV network. I also love to collect Anime figures and help out with hosting Cosplay events in Myanmar - Comic Party events etc., Facebook (You can find videos for local cosplay events as well) > https://www.facebook.com/pokefreaks
  • Philippines
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarlonAlcazarPhotography Deviantart: http://deathwaltz.deviantart.com/
  • Philippines
    I'm not a cosplayer but I love anime and cosplay/cosplayer/cosers. I'm amazed by their talents/skills in cosplaying anime characters. Sniping cosplayers since 2014 with thesevendeadlysins. :3 Hoping to see/meet more cosers in person.
  • France
    Hi ! I just begin to do cosplay since 2 years and I discover this passion 3 years ago. I have been to Japan Expo, here in France and I find the community of cosplay just wonderful ! Support and compliment the work of cosplayer, be compliment of our own work, make ourself so proud. And I love to watch the ECG ! So amazing cosplayer there ! *.* Here you can find me on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/EyilinArt/ Deviantart : eyilinart.deviantart.com Instagram : @eyilinspy