The Power of Kings

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  • Ukraine
    Hi, I'm Lina, photographer and retoucher from Kyiv, Ukraine. Actually, I specialize in gothic and dark art. For me cosplay photography is a new amazingly interesting genre. I am open to collaborations and creative cooperation.
  • Thailand
    Hi I'm Chaine My Facebook page Devaintart Twitter
  • Philippines
  • China
    嘿,这里新来的。我喜欢角色扮演 让我们成为朋友。 对我好。同意?
  • Thailand
    Hello~ I'm Edward B.Cool Call me "Cool" Nice to Meet You>w< Facebook : If you want to Share or Contact me. Page : @>w<@
  • Philippines
  • France
    Hey, I'm french cosplayer. "Chaque enfant est un artiste. Le problème, c'est de rester un artiste lorsque l'on grandit.' - Picasso >
  • United States
    Hello! I won't be using this site often, so please go to Facebook for more photos and updates! <3 Have a blessed day. :
  • Philippines
    Hi! Kazue Raine here :) Stop by Philippines sometimes and lets meet on conventions or cosplay shoots here. I'll be glad to be your friend. When you see me crossplay feel free to call me Caine ;) Follow me @ Facebook - Deviant Art -
  • United States
    I am more active on my FB! I love the art of making costumes and props, and hope to improve with each character I cosplay. Series I Adore: Slayers, One Piece, Juuni Kokki (Twelve Kingdoms), Trigun, Galaxy Express 999, Final Fantasies. I also love to cosplay Hyung Tae Kim's video game designs (War of Genesis and Magna Cartas). I also love Five Star Stories. I would love to cosplay some plastic style fatimas!
  • France
    Bonjour je m'appelle Audrey j'habite ST étienne en France je suis créateur et cosplayeur débutante et je fait du cosplat depuis 3 ans a partir de 2016 j'ai créer ma page voici le lien mon compte instagramme ma chaine you tube
  • Japan
    ねえ、ここに新しい。 私の名前は月のオオカミです。 日本の写真家。私はコスプレと女の子が好きです。
  • MJ
    South Korea
    I'm Korean cosplayer 중부권 코스어 명딘입니다 :) Cosplay is my Life 팔로우된 코스어분들 사랑해요♥ Nice me to♥ I L.O.V.E 「U」 みんな愛してる「♡」 ありがと「♡」:) :D
  • Japan
    Hello, nice to meet you! I'm cosplay activities in Kyoto and Shiga of Japan. Very sorry, I can not speaking english. 我不會説中國語。對不起! Yo no hablo español y portugués. Hindi ako nagsasalita ng Pilipinas opisyal na wika. 나는 한국어를 할 수 없습니다. はじめまして!滋賀と京都で細々と。
  • Mexico
    Cosplayer amateur from México 24 years old My first cosplay was Death Master from the anime Black Rock Shooter!
  • Hong Kong