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    Hello, my name is chocolate.
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    I hope You like my work (╯3╰) Instagram: Facebook: (Our Group Page with Harustr)
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    Hello! my name is Charlie :) I'm 26 years old. a Cosplayer from Ballarat, Australia nice to meet you. Facebook: Instagram:
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    Hi everyone!! (°◡°♡) I'm begining cosplayer from Russia (*/ω\) Welcome to my profile page (つ≧▽≦)つ My favourite anime is Magi: the labyrinth of magic / game: Dota 2 Thank you for the favorite and the follow (o^ ^o) ☆ VK ☆ Inst ☆ FB ☆ Twitter ☆ Ask ☆ mail
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    Hello, Im Anika Celestine ^_^ From Philippines :) Im also starting cosplaying at 2015. feel free to add me or follow me on facebook :) i love chatting ^_^ lets be friends :) 【FB】: Follow me to my page : Instagram : anika_celestine. i hope we could be good friends ^_^
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    cn夏炘,英文名Kingder,cos,writer,小说代表作品《半神系列》《王者倾城之韦戴龙的日记》《黑色办公室》,请大家多多指教。 微博: sf: ARCHIVE: 半次元: Twitter: 17K: ins:kingder_chung FACEBOOK:
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    Hi! Welcome to my page, I post both my own cosplays and my photos of other's cosplay here. I hope you like my work and would lover it if you leave costructive criticism to help me get better (o•3•)/~♡