Angelina Dulles "Madame Red"

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    Hii! I'm Hanyka ;) I'm a brazilian cosplayer <3 I have 23 years ~ Practical cosplay as a hobby about 8 years ~ * - * well this is it! Give hearts to my photos if you like them <3 VISIT MY COSPLAY PAGE -
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    姓名/name:米宅/mi Zhai 生日/DOB:6th january 1991 请多多指教这个不成材的我哦~~  这里是我的fb:
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    DA FB VK
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    español Soy Saúl Omar alias Alucard D. Kenpachi, llevo en el cosplay por 4 años tengo una victoria en la mole 34 y un tercer lugar en la mole 35, se que no soy el mejor ni el peor, pero hago el cosplay con amor ingles I am Saul Omar alias Alucard D. Kenpachi, I've been in the cosplay for 4 years, I have a victory in the moe 34 and a third in the mole 35, I'm not the best nor the worst, but I do cosplay with love
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    Tumblr ~
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    Cosplayer Valparaiso, Chile.
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    Cosplaying since 2010. NYC ! Websites; <3
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    Hi! I'm Misaki from france :) I love anime,manga,cosplay and play videogames. I like to be a cosplayer :)
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    Hello!!! I´m cosplayer from ARGENTINA! ..I´m JOJO´S Bizarre Adventure Fan, Rurouni Kenshin Fan, Gackt Fan , Design and Theatre Fan , I like anime and manga, Love watch Fantasy Movies and EAT Cheescake!!! Thanks for you visit <3 Check my Facebook page: @ryuucos INSTAGRAM: Ryuuzaki Kamui Hope you like!