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  • Japan
    I`am Dragon Ball Gogeta Cosplayer Youtuber
  • nao
    Hello!My name is Nao♪ I'm a cosplayer from Japan☆ I can speak English just a little. CN : nÅo Tw : nAn_lo_ol In : nao_ver70
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    ( 。◕ˇ ヮ ˇ◕。) Kon'nichiwa! ♡ Im photographer & cosplayer since 2009 as assistant and partner of my little daughter. ♡ My 1st collab cosplay was pregnant Dragon Ball' Chi Chi (✪ω✪) ♡ Im preparing a Tribute to GUILLERMO DEL TORO ♡Lust' OUROBOROS is a REAL TATOO!!! ❣❣❣ ARIGATO! for full me of 💖💖💖 私の仕事を感謝し、私に従ってくれてありがとう、ありがとう。 私はそれらを愛する 💖 【DeviantArt】 【Project H】
  • Taiwan
    nice to meet you!!!!! I was the leader of cosplay society. FB/霍爾班 FB . tu . tw . IG . ASK .
  • Thailand
    ★シオリ☆だよ~ん♪ ━・:*(〃∇〃人)*:・━!!!! 【PAGE】 【FACEBOOK】 【INSTAGRAM】
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  • Malaysia
    HI,I'm Tiramisu I'm a cosplayer from Malaysia,work at Singapore I like singing, drawing & reading FB:
  • Japan
    こんにちわ狐火でーす! 衣装とかはたまに自分で作っております。コスプレ写真とかの編集は全部私がやって、細かいとこもやってます。YouTubeではコスプレチュートリアルビデオをアップロードしてます! どうかよろしくお願いします。 Hello, Kitsuhi here! Some cosplays are made by me I also do editing and cleaning for my cosplay pictures for more furthering details, and post YouTube videos for who needed tutorials. Please, nice to meet you! ↓Other media↓ 【Instagram】 【YouTube】
  • Russia
    Йой, как дела? Ты милый!
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  • Ukraine
    Hi, I'm Berufoll. I'm a cosplayer from ukraine. I do non-professional cosplay, this is my hobby. My instagram
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