Suzaku Kururugi

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  • Mia
    Mia dreams of being an Irish mad hatter who serves tea of the long island variety to guests. Enjoys tea, praising the sun, cats and rolling around inhaling potatoes like the whale she is. Otherwise, Mia is actually your friendly, average alien who does not update this page that often. Do check her & her older sister out on their cosplay page on facebook! Remember to give them some <3 and likes ~!
  • Kat
    Costa Rica
    Mi amor el Anime Mi pasion el Coplay Mi razon de vivir mi hijo :D Adoro poder hacer cosplay junto ami hijo :D Perfil de Pagina del Face Ebay Prints DeviantART Cure World Cosplay
  • Spain
    Hi, hola, 안녕하세요,嗨,您好, こんにちは,สวัสดี,ciao, moi, hi there ~ :D Nice to meet you~ ♥ Empecé hace unos pocos años tan solo a hacer mis cosplays,pero seguiré durante muchos más años <3 Mis disfraces no son nada del otro mundo, pero igualmente pongo todo mi cariño en cada uno de ellos. Thanks for following and for the ♥ ~ I love you guys <3 If you want to meet me: Meow Chat: ByeongariLee Instagram: byeongarilee