Ryoko-demon (Ryoko)
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    Hi! My name is Kim and I`m in cosplay since 2011. This is my lovely hobby, all costumes I create by myself. So, hope you`ll like my gallery. Enjoy! ^^ Let's communicate: Twitter - https://twitter.com/LazyLazyKim Instagram - http://instagram.com/molly181 DeviantArt - http://viktoriakim.deviantart.com Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/victoria.kim.733450
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    Hello! I am Riyani, Javanese cosplayer from the Netherlands~ I somehow got from theatre to cosplay haha. My costumes are selfmade unless otherwise stated. Love to make new friends! I'm most active on dA and FB if you want to talk :) 【Facebook】 http://facebook.com/ChangeOfCanvas 【DeviantART】 http://angelsarcher.deviantart.com 【CureCosplay】 http://en.curecos.com/profile/?ch=259735 【Instagram】 http://instagram.com/riyaniangelcos Member of PRISM: facebook.com/PRISMcosplay
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    Hey! I'm Luna, brazilian girl. Hobbies: Anime, Music e Dance ♥
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    Can you recognize me? If you do, you've known who i am
  • Ecuador
    my name is Karen but mi nickname always been Chexama. so, you can call me like that or just Chexa. it's fine. I'm cosplayer so I will try to upload my photos here. Please enjoy and follow me. thank you! ^^ kiss :* ~
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    • Lissy • Cosplayer • Germany - Berlin | Potsdam • ♥ FB: Lissy Cosplay [https://www.facebook.com/LissyCosplay/] Twitter: @___Lissy__ [https://twitter.com/___Lissy__?lang=de] Instagram: lissycosplay [https://www.instagram.com/lissycosplay/] DeviantArt: xSebasChanx [http://xsebaschanx.deviantart.com/] Animexx: -Lissy Youtube: Lissy Cosplay SnapChat: lissy_cosplay
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