Mon❥小夢夢 (Mon)
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    My name is Elizabet (Effy), I made my first costume in 2009 and I still in love with the world of cosplay. ♡ If you like my works, you can find me on: ❥Facebook: ❥Instagram: ❥Twitter: ❥Twitch: ❥Youtube:
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    Viet Nam
    Hello everyone ! Nice to meet you all :D I'm a cosplayer from Vietnam I hope you enjoy my cosplay =3= Welcome to my profile ~~~ I will try to develop more character dreamed : " > wish everyone happy while watching my pictures ^^ This is where my memory is stored For me cosplay is fun and it would be great if you were part of it, traveling with me💖love all My fb: My twitter :@MiliAkiko1 Instagram: miliakiko
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