Minkミンク (iGloomy Mink)
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  • United States
    I am trying to follow all the good male crossplayers on Cure World. If I am missing anyone, please message me.
  • South Korea
    Hello My name is In-Hu. korean costurm player. age : 2n Follow Thank you ♥ Twitter : @InHuo_o 한국 코스플레이어 '인후' 입니다. 주로 트위터에서 있습니다 :)
  • South Korea
    Hello, I'm Korean cosplayer Jina Thank you for visiting my page! 한국어 日本語 English OK World Cosplay Summit 2017 Korean Representative contact e-mail : jina_3210@naver.com
  • Canada
    I am a Canadian Cosplayer! I love the challenge of making all different types of costumes. I look forward to meeting other cosplayers and having a great time dressing up! Feel free to check me out: DeviantArt: http://hatless-sheep.deviantart.com/ Tumblr: http://hatlesssheep.tumblr.com/
  • Myanmar
    Hello everyone :D My name is Mira, and I'm cosplayer from Myanmar. I love animals, especially cats (๑>◡<๑) Cosplayer since 2013 (*'▽'*) WCS representative of Myanmar 2017 =D よろしくお願いします ╰(*´︶`*)╯ FB page : https://m.facebook.com/?_rdr#!/MiraCosplayPage?__user=1506739516 Instagram : mira_the_grumpy
  • Netherlands
    I'm a cosplayer from the Netherlands and I started cosplaying back in 2007. Here on Cosplay World you'll filnd cosplays from 2011 onwards. All costumes are made by me. Facebook: www.facebook.com/MmmcMirai Tumblr: http://miraicosplay.tumblr.com/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/mirai_mmmc Twitter: www.twitter.com/wearemmmc Website: www.MMMC.info
  • Philippines
    I am Ellie, a Filipino cosplayer from Zamboanga city, born on December 8. I and my boyfriend represented the Philippines for the World Cosplay Summit 2017 in Nagoya, Japan. I can speak both Filipino and English language. I started cosplaying since early 2012. Facebook page: http://facebook.com/PirateEllie88 World Cosplay Summit Team page: http://facebook.com/teamSOSzamboanga Twitter account: @KaizokuEllie
  • Malaysia
    Heyo~ My nickname is Lumpy as in Lam-Pi. From Malaysia and a newbie cosplayer. Sometimes I cosplay with a wig, sometimes I cosplay with a hijab on, so I can support all my friends that cosplay in hijab. <3 XOXO Lumpy
  • Malaysia
    Hi all, I'm Kris AKA BlackKri. I prefer to cosplay characters that I am able to craft or sew and wear them to fit me perfectly, or somewhat.
  • Malaysia
    HI .. u can call me No Name I'm a cosplayer from Malaysia facebook link : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000142597408
  • Malaysia
  • Malaysia
    “The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed.” - Mahatma Gandhi
  • Singapore
    Kitska・キツカ・INFP・A+型・辰・てんびん座・左手・ドM・リバ・メガネ・狼耳・赤ずきんたん・腐人 Cosplayer and Crossplayer since late 2005, pleased to meet you! Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kachangputeh.cos Youtube channel: http://bit.ly/KitskaYT Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mynkitska Twitter: https://twitter.com/mynkitska
  • Malaysia
  • Viet Nam
    Hello! My nickname is Junie :)) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hatrangle2212 Page: https://www.facebook.com/ReuBlogCaNhan/ IG: https://www.instagram.com/_junie__11/
  • Taiwan
    Hi everyone!(✪ω✪) I'm a TAIWAN cosplayer, My name is 月島Yuko /Chinese name:優子 I hope you like my works (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ cosplay-related business Please give me the message to the mail here. Email:yuko31994@gmail.com ❥月島Yuko/月島優子♂×♂ 居住: Taiwan Taipei,Hong Kong 身長:175㎝ 體重:50kg 誕生:19/03(Pisces) 喜好 � Cosplay、playing guitar、traveling Come Follow Me In : My FB Page : 月岛Yuko My FB name : Yuko Tsukishima My Instagram : tsukishima_yuko Twitter : Tsukishima_Yuko Weibo : 月島Yuko