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    Hi) I'm cosplayer and cosplay-photoographer from Ukraine-Kiev. I hope you like my works (´。• ω •。`) Please, check more my pages : ( ・ω・)☞ DeviantArt: ( ・ω・)☞ Instagram: ( ・ω・)☞ Facebook cosplay page: ( ・ω・)☞ Mail: If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do. Thank you. ( ・ω・)☞ Ko-Fi:
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    Hi, I'm Lara and i like to do cosplay!... and, that's all :D Hola, soy Lara y me gusta hacer cosplay!... y, eso es todo :D
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    Elaborated Doll Laughs , Lamenting Broken Human , you are my ideal , fooling brain , unsatified person Dance on the top of my hand , in the sweet trap , i entrusted my body , Emerging the Joy of Self FB:
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    Taya|♀|🇮🇹|4'11|Witch|Tsundere Loli Hikikomori Unicorn|Tailor, Cosplayer, Otaku, Gamer|IG/TW: @TayaTuk ⇒ NEXT CON: Pila Comics Hi everyone~ I'm Taya, I'm an Italian cosplayer and cosmaker since 2010. Check out my social pages: 【FaceBook】 【Storenvy】 SUPPORT ME HERE: WISHLIST:
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  • Italy
    Hi! I am an italian student and cosplayer in love with sewing and making things. 📷 Instagram:
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    I am a super fan of cosplay. Professional cosplay costumes is offered from . If you have any question, please feel free to contact me via , I will reply to you in 24 hours. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Deviantart: Pinterest:
  • Taiwan
    Hi~ Here is 丞承(Cheng-cheng) or can call me Coco. A newbie for cos from Taiwan. If want to cooperate, please contact me through the following channels ------------------------------------------------------------------ ► ►Facebook: ►半次元:
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    Hi-cosplay mintcandy ~!잘부탁드려용💕💕 blog- instagram- Twitter-@song_ha_12 Facebook-
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    【出来るの】 ●デスノート L ●ボカロ 通常KAITO サンドリヨンKAITO 龍ノKAITO ●KOF K' ネームレス ●戦国BASARA 明智 ●FF7 セフィロス ●FF8 アーヴァイン ●るろうに剣心 四乃森蒼紫 ●P3 荒垣 ●薄桜鬼 風間洋装 ●GGXX カイ ●ブレイブルー ハザマ ●ガンダムSEED クルーゼ ●マクロスF アルト ミシェル ●NARUTO イタチ ●ブラックラグーン ロットン・ザ・ウィザード ●BLEACH 藍染通常 藍染破面 ●銀魂 土方 他にもできるのあるけど衣装整理してなくてわからなくなった
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    Thanks for visiting my page ♥ I'm a cosplayer from Germany and I started cosplaying in 2011. I hope you like some of my cosplays ~ ♡ Feel free to also visit my other pages ~ ♥
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