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  • Mexico
    Oliver/14/bigender/mexico city Hello, please call me Happu, Oli or Oliver!. I'm a begginer at cosplay, and crossplayer occasionally. I don't make the costumes myself, I only do my make up, cut wigs, do props, etc. Sorry if my English and Japanese is not good, my first language is spanish
  • Myanmar
    HI! I'm a new cosplayer from Myanmar! Yoroshiku,minna-san.... ^^
  • Malaysia
    Hi, im Kuro Yui ( 魁悠), I‘m a newbies in cosplay world, So, my photo might be post up once a blue moon. I can speak in English n Chinese and understand a little japanese (( studying 0w< 哈咯~大家好~ 偶是 魁悠 (Kuro Yui)哟~ 我还是个新手。。。 所以我的照照也许会很少PO, 我可以以英文,华文沟通, 日语会明白一点点。。。((还在学习中 >w0
  • Viet Nam
    Hi, I'm yamato kensei :)
  • Indonesia
    コスプレを見るが大好きの宇宙人です。 宜しゅう
  • Brazil
    Oiee =^.~= Eu sou a Chun-li BR
  • United Kingdom
    Hello everyone! Thank you for looking at my cosplays ^ - ^ I hope you like them as I put a lot of hard work in to my cosplays ^ - ^ ~Thank you, Lita Facebook: League of Legends: Lita Chan @Lita_Chan
  • Canada
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • United States
  • Malaysia
    1: I wish one day I could cosplay as Doraemon hahaha XD 2: Actually I'm more of a fangirl and only cosplaying when the mood hit me hehehehe because I'm still new in this so I don't really have the confidence to do it. (= ´ ▽ `= ) 3: So, I'm looking forward to learn stuff from everyone around here and so I can be as good as them one day! AYY!! ( so i can cosplay as doraemon lol)☆〜(ゝ。∂)
  • Brazil
  • Indonesia
    ^o^/ Welcome guys :3 Hello my name is alfin I know cosplay from my friend,i like cosplay because is interest and entertain and also,i like try some character for cosplay from anime :-) |(°w°)/ ty for watch and visit my pages Fb:Alfin Le Fang
  • Philippines
    Hi i'm Vlinder but you could call me vlin/mich for short. I just started cosplaying just this year 2014, maybe around june? Big fan of kuroshitsuji!! Love cosplaying <3
  • pp