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Ayumizawa (Ayumi Katamizawa)
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Hi, I am a woman of CHILE, a country located in the south of america.
I am in constant search of a personage for cosplayar, and really also I am charmed with the maid-san.
my favorite things are: the cosplay (OBVIOUS) cosplay the drawing and the seam. And everything related to the art, the music and the Japanese culture in general, overcoat his delicious sushi ;)
Regards to all the cosplayer of the world =D
  • NicknameAyumizawa
  • Gender Female
  • CountryRepública de Chile
  • Chippalrus
  • Rodion_Ani
  • Megu Megupi
  • FMJ
  • Minato Kurai
  • Mane On Ice
  • Мартин Стојчевски
  • さくら
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  • edwin kindred
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  • Hiccup Cosplay
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  • Shieru-Fantomuhaivu
  • Rodion_Ani
  • Ankou
  • Megu Megupi
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  • Minato Kurai
  • Mane On Ice
  • Мартин Стојчевски
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